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We are pleased to invite you to the conference exhibition. Explore the exhibition to enhance your knowledge, understand cutting-edge technologies and meet the people behind the companies and products. Grow a network of invaluable contacts for  building your company and career. The exhibition is open for the public. 

Conference Exhibition

Opening hours: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Gothenburg 

Check out the exhibitors list for companies to meet at Lindholmen Software Development Day October 28. 

Download the exhibitonmap here


ARCCORE is a leading provider of state-of-art products and services for the embedded arccoretransbkreg.pngsystems market. Based on a solid expert knowledge in real-time platforms, we develop and market products for the software industry enabling our customers to develop innovative solutions in a faster and more cost-efficient way. Our focus is to provide superior solutions for embedded systems development to the automotive market and other. Our vision is to be one of the leading suppliers of integrated, high quality and efficient software products preferably based on renowned industry standards.



ascom_4c.jpgAscom is a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions. The vision of Ascom is to close digital information gaps allowing for the best possible decisions – anytime and anywhere. Ascom’s mission is to provide mission-critical, real-time solutions for highly mobile, ad hoc, and time-sensitive environments. Ascom uses its unique product and solutions portfolio and software architecture capabilities to devise integration and mobilization solutions that provide truly smooth, complete and efficient workflows for healthcare as well as for industry, security and retail sectors.

Business Region Göteborg

businessregion_blue_cmyk.pngICT has become an integrated part of our society. The West Sweden & the Gothenburgregion is home to cutting edge expertise in areas such as Embedded Systems & Connected Cars, Infrastructure & Cloud, Microwave & Antenna technology, Mobile & Web, Visualisation & Gaming. Business Region Göteborg provides you with knowledge and contacts and opens doors for those who would like to be a part of the industry.


Cactus Rail

World class solutions for a Smarter Railway
Cactus Rail is a small independent product development company delivering systems and cactus-rail-rgb-pos-600.pngsolutions for mission critical operations in turn-key projects.Our Traffic Management Systems and Integration platforms scales from sidings, tram, light railway and regional, to nationwide systems. Among Cactus’ customers are Nordic infrastructure owners (SL, Trafikverket and Lokaltog), as well as global players in the railway sector. At Cactus every single employee is vital for our success story and simply needs to be both holistic and detail oriented.


Chalmers / Gothenburg University




combi.pngCombitech is a Nordic technical consultancy company combining technology, environment and security. The company, which is an independent company within the defense and security group Saab AB, has around 1700 and counting employees in 25 locations across Sweden, as well as offices in Norway and Finland. We are an experienced partner in all areas dealing with technical systems. We are a complete development partner for Work packages & Consultants. Our customers are companies with a need for reliable security solutions, authorities responsible for the protection of societal flows and players in aerospace, defense, telecommunications and all industrial segments. E.g. our focus helping our customers to create vehicles of tomorrow by developing cutting edge autonomous vehicle infotainment solutions.



Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting company with 20 years of experience in IT and cybercomg_logo_black_kopia_1.jpgcommunications technology. Our consultants enable businesses and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world, to enhance their competitiveness or to achieve efficiency gains. Cybercom’s expertise spans the entire ecosystem of this communication – Connectivity – and our delivery is both local and global. Cybercom’s principal market is the Nordic region, with established operations in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Poland, India, Dubai and Singapore are international centres of expertise that partly support the Nordic business and partly represent their own specialised business. The group has approximately 1,300 employees in seven countries.



Delphi is a world-leading supplier in the automotive industry with
more than 173 000 delphi_logo_cut.pngemployees worldwide. We're at the forefront of technology developing state of the art human centric vehicle solutions. Technology you’ll be using five years from now. Technology you may not even have heard about today. The Electronics & Safety division is represented by two departments located in the heart of Gothenburg; Electronic Controls, and Infotainment and Driver Interface. Electronic Controls specializes in advanced active safety systems based on radar and camera sensors, and body and security computers. Infotainment and Driver Interfaces develops state-of-the-art human centric infotainment systems, reconfigurable instrument clusters, driver cameras, and online services. We embrace agile practices, open source, and modern development tools and platforms to reach our ultimate goal; to be recognized by our customers as their number one supplier. At our office in Gothenburg we're currently looking for talented engineers; people with the same passion for cars, software, and new technology as us. People who want to simplify people’s lives and make driving safer, greener, more connected, and more fun.





Högskolan i Halmstad

hh_eng_color_small.jpgCentre for Future Mobility Solutions (CERFUM) is an initiative by Halmstad University to address the emerging multi-disciplinary challenges in future mobility. The centre is a joint research initiative together with industrial partners. The goal of the centre is to integrate university and industrial strengths to create holistic mobility solutions. CERFUM consolidates engineering-, user- and business-perspectives in researching mobility solutions.

Halmstad University is characterized by new ways of thinking and innovation. At Halmstad University, researchers are working across field boundaries to develop the knowledge required to solve challenging problems. Halmstad University has a tradition of practical applied research, which is conducted in close contact with industry, commercial organizations and the public sector. It provides researchers with ideas for interesting research issues and real problems. This way, research will naturally come to use.



hiq_logo_pos_1000px_0.jpgHiQ creates a better world by simplifying and improving people's lives with technology and communications. We are a technology and communication company operating in the borderland between the communication and technology. Our belief is that it requires both engineering- and strategic communication skills to be relevant and to meet today'sand tomorrow's business needs. We are the perfect partnerto everybody who want to achieve results that make a difference in a digital world.

Through our drive to work to simplify and improve our customers' business, we have today a well established companies, with more than 1500 specialists in four differentcountries, who work and are egaged from the first outspoken challenge to the final solution. The company was founded in 1995 and is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Mid Cap. We are a valuedriven company with RESULTS, RESPONSABILITY, SIMPLICITY AND JOY  as core vaules. HiQ Gothenburg has 370 innovative consultans and we arelooking for more colleagues!


Do you want to know more about HiQ and how it is to work with both technology and communication? Do not hesitate to visit us at or give us a call at 031-743 91 00 (HiQ Gothenburg).

Lindholmen Science Park AB


Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment for research, innovation and education within the areas Transport, ICT and Media.
Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where industry, academy and public sector can run research and development projects. For almost 15 years we have been creating successful collaborations and innovations. 


Lindholmens tekniska gymnasium 

Lindholmens tekniska gymnasium is an upper secondary school that offers you almost lindholmen-logga.jpgeverything in technical education. On Lindholmens tekniska gymnasium, we put great emphasis on students´ knowledge development and on encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning.  We want our students to feel involved and to be able to influence their studies to get the most out of their time with us. We are working closely with companies in the industry, ensuring that our programs meet the demands of professional life. Being a student at Lindholmens tekniska gymnasium means being well prepared for future studies or becoming attractive in the future labor market. On Lindholmens tekniska gymnasium, we think that an education for the future means teaching coding. We offer all our students a basic course in coding.  We live in a digital world where computer programs underlie everything from business, marketing, science and production, to name several disciplines. Being introduced to coding gives you an appreciation of what can be built with technology.


PROMPT (Mälardalens högskola)

PROMPT is an educational initiative in cooperation with several academic parties and prompt_logo2013.jpgleading Swedish industrial companies and organizations. Together the parties develop advanced level courses in web based format, tailored to fit professional engineers and software developers.
The PROMPT project is led by Mälardalen University, and the courses are given in cooperation with Blekinge Institute of Technology, Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg, Mälardalen University and SICS Swedish ICT.




We are a consultancy company that is excellent at developing solutions with software and developing people and businesses. We are experts in Agile Leadership and Agile Principles. We’ve been doing this since 1996. Hence, today we are one of the leading companies in Scandinavia within Lean & Agile. We have a total of 200 employees at sites in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Karlskrona and Växjö. Softhouse is a privately-owned Swedish company, that shown growth and profitability every year.

Our philosophy

We believe in straightforward procedures in everything we do.

We have an uncompromising approach to quality; we deliver on our promises.

Our focus is on benefitting business. When we create value for our customers, we create value for all parties.

We love to share everything we can.



Squeed AB is a software company that makes a difference for employees, customers and squeed_4c.gifthe entire industry!

We invest heavily in employee competence and it shows. When other companies send people to conferences as participants, Squeeders go there to speak. At the time of writing we have three speakers at JavaOne in San Francisco, the biggest Java conference in the world. No company has more developers than Squeed at IDG's list over the best developers in Sweden.

Squeeders work with system development, architecture and agile methods. Our daily lives consists mainly of Java, Microsoft .NET, Web and open source. We work as consultants and build what our customers want, but we are also working in Squeed Studio to develop new services and products in-house. With Squeed studio we have created an innovative environment that develops not only the company, but the individuals as well.
Since 2013 we have also been partners to Connect Väst where we provide technical expertise to the future unicorns.
Squeed is deeply involved in the software development community and run Java Forum, nforum and community events such as Google IO, vJUG24 etc.
We are located in Gothenburg and Stockholm where we need more ambitious developers who want to work with really talented co-workers and "Achieve the Amazing".

We are growing. So can you!






Volvo Group

volvo_eps_blue_std.pngMeet up with Volvo Group with the mission to Drive prosperity through transport solutions. Volvo Group is world leading in the commercial vehicle industry and is in the technology forefront when it comes to autonomous solutions.  It is a very demanding challenge to create solutions to the large variety of customer applications. Software is important to provide complete mechatronic solutions and will be critical in the near future. Volvo Group is developing technologies to meet quickly shifting market expectations. Our customers need reliable and safe transport solutions. The Group uses virtualization and cloud services in a connected world to meet these needs. These solutions will be among the physically biggest and most exiting mechatronical system in a quickly shifting world. The future will provide solutions that are difficult to imagine in our fantasies.


Volvo Cars


Volvo cars is the leading car developer in Sweden and a company advancing fast in advanced safety critical software and mechatronics. Among the latest models are the plug-in SUV XC90T8 and the new models S90 and V90 with e.g. world class autonomous drive functionality.