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The Lindholmen Software Development Day 2020 takes place at Lindholmen Conference Centre, Göteborg.

Getting to Lindholmen

Free ferry, bike, car or bus. There are many ways to get to Lindholmen. The ferry takes only 4 minutes from Stenpiren and Bus 16 will take you to Lindholmen in 8 minutes from the Central Station.

Getting here

Lindholmen Conference Centre

The main building at Lindholmspiren 3-5, features a large, modern conference centre, with complete conference services for up to 1000 guests. The main conference room at Lindholmen takes up to 600 participants. Read more

Award winning hotel

Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel is located on the waterfront close to the main building at Lindholmen Science Park and Lindholmen Conference Centre.

Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel

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Today's lunch

Lunch is not included at the conference but Lindhoholmen has more than 30 restaurants in walking distant. Have a look at what is served today.

Today's lunch (in Swedish)