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Main track


  • Devdatt Dubhashi

    Professor at the Computing Science division, Chalmers


    Presentation titel: 
    AI: The New Electricity to Harness the Digital Future


    Devdatt Dubhashi is Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers University, leading the algorithms and machine learning group. He is also CEO of Machine Intelligence Sweden AB, a startup that bridges from research to innovation in AI powered technologies. He received his B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and his masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University USA. He has held positions at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science Saarbrueken Germany and at BRICS (Basic Research in Computer Science) a center of the Danish National Science Foundation at the University of Aarhus Denmark. He led the project "Data Driven Secure Business Intelligence" funded by SSF and was an expert consultant for the OECD on Data Driven Innovation. He is currently a Vinnova and Marie-Curie Fellow  He was an invited speaker in 2017 at the SICS Data Science Day, Vehicle Electronics and Connected Services and at the European Meeting of Statisticians.

  • Sverker Alänge

    Teacher, Tehnology Economics and Organization, Chalmers


    Presentation titel: 


Business track


  • Jonas Wilhelmsson

    Global Engagement Director - IoT & connected industries for a sustainable society, Ericsson


    Presentation titel:
    Will the Software Society make Cities Smarter? and how do we know?


    Jonas Wilhelmsson has been with Ericsson since 2007 when Drutt Corporation, a company he co-founded, was acquired. He now serves as a Global Engagement Director, focusing on IoT practice. In addition, he heads up innovation and sustainability at Ericsson in Gothenburg, Sweden. "These two roles are beautifully combined in a growing number of thought-leading projects with both cities and industries. As urbanization accelerates and the world's population grows, we simply have to rethink what we do and how. This opens up for new business opportunities while contributing to halt climate change.


  • Petra Sundström

    Director Idea and Innovation Management, Husqvarna Group


    Presentation titel: 
    Software change being a hardware corporate


    Petra Sundström holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction. As a Computer Science Engineer and expert in the field of Mobility and IoT, Petra has been strong both in her Research career and these days in Industry introducing methodologies of Explorative and Multidisciplinary Design. In 2014 she took on the role of leading the “Connectivity Hub” and later the innovation initiative at Husqvarna Group, one of the fast runners in its industry.

  • Victoria van Camp

    CTO, SKF


    Presentation titel: 
    How to get paid in cash, not in data- ball bearings as a service


    Victoria Van Camp joined SKF 1996. She held a number of positions, based in; the Netherlands, US and now in Sweden. Her previous positions include, amongst others; President, Business and Product Development. Director, Industrial Market Technology and Solutions. Director, Product Innovation Lubrication BU.Victoria was born in 1966 and holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD. in Machine Elements from Luleå University of Technology Sweden.Victoria Van Camp is a member of SKF Group Management, Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien (IVA) and board member of Billerud Korsnäs (BK). 

Methods & tools track


  • Johan Lange

    LEK Versamhetsutveckling / The LUCK Concept


    Presentation titel: 
    Open Innovation - Reinvent your organisation: What is it, why does it matter to us all, and what´s in it for you?


    Johan’s always acted in Tech Innovation Shifts - in MedTech, Moblie Telephony and Mobile Internet. Now exploring the Mental Mobility of Organisations and Teams in Open Innovation and other Re-generative means.




  • Linus Eriksson



    Presentation titel: 
    The employee driven organization


    Linus Eriksson is the Ericsson manager that decided to transform his own organization into an employee driven one, totally re-thinking the role- and need of a manager.

  • Niklas Lindhardt

    Co-founder of Capture Innovation


    Presentation titel: 
    The employee driven organization


    Niklas Lindhardt is a co-founder of CaptureInnovation, founded in 2013. A software development and innovation enterprise run without managers in an employee driven setup.

  • Tom Gilb


    Presentation titel: 

    Methods Evaluation: How to select a method based on multidimensional quantified value and quality requirements. The Planguage tools for reasoning. Digitalising your values. 


    Tom Gilb has mainly worked within the software engineering community, but since 1983 with Corporate Top Management problems, and since 1988 with large-scale systems engineering (Aircraft, Telecoms and Electronics). He is an independent teacher, consultant and writer. He has published nine books, including the early coining of the term "Software Metrics" (1976). He wrote "Principles of Software Engineering Management" (1988, in 2006 in 20th printing), and "Software Inspection" (1993, about 14th printing). In 2016 Tom released his new management planning book, ‘Value Planning’, in digital format only. He is recognized as the founder or major driver of several technical disciplines such as ‘software metrics’ and ‘evolutionary project management’. His methods are widely and officially adopted by many organizations such as IBM, Nokia, Ericsson, HP, Intel, Citigroup - and many other large and small organizations.

  • Wagner Ourique de Morais

    Research Engineer​, Halmstad University


    Presentation titel: 
    Architecting Smart Homes as Database-Centric Systems – The Case of the Halmstad Intelligent Home


    Dr. Wagner Ourique de Morais is a research engineer at Halmstad University since 2009. Wagner’s research agenda explores the use of database management systems as platforms to address technical and non-technical challenges associated with the development, use, configuration and maintenance of smart home environments and applications in the healthcare domain. Wagner is also a project coordinator at Centre for Health Technology Halland (HCH). His work involved the development of serious games, measurement systems and smart home demonstrators. Prior to joining the School of Information Technology at Halmstad University as Ph.D. student in 2007, he was MSc. degree student at the Research School of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (I3S) at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - France in 2005. Wagner received his BSc. in Computer Science from Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), Brazil in 2002.

Technical track


  • Erik Rosén

    Tech lead - Deep learnin​g, Zenuity


    Presentation titel: 
    Deep learning and self-driving cars


    Erik is the technical leader of Deep Learning at Zenuity, where DL is applied to computer vision, sensor fusion, and decision making for intelligent vehicles. Before that he was director of Automated Driving and Preventive Safety at Autoliv’s global research division (2014-2017). He has a PhD in superstring theory from Chalmers (2006) and eight years of experience from statistical accident research at Autoliv. In this role he was active both within the perception and decision making aspects of active safety systems.

  • Filip Dadgar



    Presentation titel:
    Digital Prejudice in our Intelligent Society


    Filip Dadgar is an aspiring philanthropist with passion to change the world. He has vast experience as technologist in many fields and from many industries. Currently he occupies his mind with Cloud and AI as Community Leader and Cloud Architect at Microsoft.


  • Julien Simon

    Amazon Web Services


    Presentation titel: 
    Deep Learning for Developers


    Julien Simon, Principal Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services.
    Before joining Amazon Web Services, Julien served for 10 years as CTO/VP Engineering in top-tier web startups. Thus, he’s particularly interested in all things architecture, deployment, performance, scalability and data. As a Principal Technical Evangelist, Julien speaks very frequently at conferences and technical workshops, where he meets developers and enterprises to help them bring their ideas to life thanks to the Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

  • Maya Weinstein

    Senior Designer Watson Implementations, IBM


    Presentation titel: 
    Artificial Intelligence in Services


    Maya Weinstein is passionate about applying human-centered design thinking to cognitive technology. Maya has worked with IBM’s Watson for the past four years as a product designer for the public sector and a global design consultant. She has helped Fortune 400 companies integrate Watson technology into their products and processes through user-centered design. Maya is also active in creating organizational change within IBM through facilitation, activation and education of design thinking methodologies. She lives in Brooklyn with her senior rescue dog. 

  • Mikael Asplund

    Senior lecturer at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University


    Presentation titel: 
    Blockchains for Collaborative Autonomous Vehicles


    Mikael Asplund is a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer and Information Science at Linköping University. He obtained his PhD in 2011 and his research is focused on distributed systemes, dependability and security, with applications in vehicular networks, internet of things, and critical infrastructures.

  • Rikard König

    Chief Data Scientist, Ekkono Solutions / Senior Lecturer University of Borås


    Presentation titel: 
    Edge analytics for IoT


    Rikard König has a PhD in computer science / machine learning and has over a decade of experience of machine learning research, e.g. vehicle modeling, sales forecasting and sport analytics. Today he is Chief Data Scientist at Ekkono Solutions and leads the development of Ekkonos engine for edge analytics.

  • Robert Quinn

    Senior Certified IT Specialist, IBM


    Presentation titel: 
    Artificial Intelligence in Services


    Robert is an experienced Senior Certified IT Specialist with more than 25 years in the IT industry. Robert joined IBM in 2003 and is seen as a key player by his colleagues and clients. During those years he has been highly appreciated and as a result has had the opportunity to work in many countries and diverse cultures.

    In his current role Robert is at the forefront in exploring Cognitive with clients and partners as they undertake their digital transformation journey.  Robert is passionate about helping clients become industry disrupters.

    In his spare time he enjoys life on ‘his island’ in the Gothenburg archipelago.


  • Tobias Ley

    Ericsson AB


    Presentation titel: 
    Self-learning Agents based on Reinforcement Learning for system automation


    Tobias working with technology incubation at Ericsson Business Area Digital Services – R&D. Main focus areas are new, disruptive technologies for telecom core systems and digital support systems. His special interest is to evaluate how Machine Learning technologies can be used for system automation and optimization to minimize resource and energy usage. Tobias has been working in different project & line management positions in Sweden, US and Germany and holds Master degree in Electrical Engineering and in Business Administration.

Virtual Reality/Augmented reality and Gaming track


  • Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark

    The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency


    Presentation titel: 

    The use of virtual reality, simulation and serious games in emergency management training


    Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark is a project manager from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). She has a MSc in System Engineering from the University of Skövde. Currently she is involved in research projects aimed to develop education and training in emergency management with the University West Trollhättan and Umeå University. Her research focuses on using new virtual simulation tools for training and education for firefighters. 

  • Daniel Ström

    CEO, Guru Games


    Presentation titel: 
    A freelancer adventure into VR




  • Ilona Heldal

    Western Norway Uni. of Applied Sciences


    Presentation titel: 

    The use of virtual reality, simulation and serious games in emergency management training


    Ilona Heldal is a Professor of Informatics, within Interactive systems at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen. She is leading the group Collaboration, Innovation and Graphics at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics. She received her PhD in Virtual Reality Technologies in 2004 and her Docent degree in Technology Management in 2009 from the University of Chalmers. She has also acquired experiences from Uppsala University, and University of Skövde where she was leading the first industrial research school of Applied Informatics. Her research area focuses on developing and using ICT solutions supporting collaborative work at organizations. The investigated ICT solutions are new digital technologies, virtual reality, visualization, simulation, and serious games used for improving training, communication, and collaborative work. Currently she is also a guest professor at University West, Trollhättan. Her current research projects are from the areas of health informatics, built environments, and emergency management.

  • Oliver Edsberger



    Presentation titel: 

    AR - yesterday, today & tomorrow


    Oliver Edsberger, Ph.D., is responsible for HiQs 3D, VR and AR solutions. Oliver worked previously at Autodesk where he was product manager for the VRED product line, a high end visualization tool mostly used in the automotive industry. His professional background is heavily centered around computer graphics. He studied, researched and worked in Koblenz, Germany and moved to Sweden after his company was acquired by Autodesk in 2011.

  • Peter Thorngren

    AB Volvo


    Presentation titel: 
    The need for development fast feedback speed – Continuous Delivery connected Truck simulator/Game using VR/Euro Truck Simulator


    Peter has studied Informatics, history and mathematics at the University of Lund. Today he works with passion at Volvo GTT to integrate software in trucks fast and more efficient. This will enable quick feedback loops on customer/product behaviors He has a background in web, smart devices and since 10 years in automotive. He was global verification and integration leader for all software functions during the major launches within the Volvo Group between 2010 and 2013. Peter is working fulltime since 2014 as technical specialist and evangelist.

  • Staffan Hagberg

    Animech Technologies AB


    Presentation titel:

    Beyond perception, intelligent visualization changes the way you communicate with your customers.



    Staffan Hagberg holds a Masters degree in Marketing from Uppsala University and works with e-commerce and digital sales tools. Staffan is Animech Technologies’ Business Director and specializes in visual 3D configurators for large international companies.  



  • Viktor Peterson

    CEO CLVR Works & Mission IX


    Presentation titel: 

    Virtual Reality Esports and Arcades - How to use a virtual reality arcade as innovation center and what does esports in VR look like


    Viktor Peterson is CEO and founder at CLVR Works and Mission IX. He is a strong believer in the revolutionizing force of Virtual Reality and the importance of team work to accelerate innovation.

    CLVR Works is a Virtual Reality consulting and production company focusing on business development and education in VR. Together with customers like HTC Vive, ESL Gaming and the Nobel Museum CLVR Works carries out groundbreaking VR projects around the world.

    Mission IX is Sweden’s largest VR Innovation and Experience center open to the public, with 750 sqm of VR to explore our mission is also to accelerate innovation, research and education within the VR field.




  • Daniel Sjölie

    Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Gothenburg


    Daniel Sjölie has been working with Virtual Reality since around the year 2000, combining a foundation in software development with research into cognitive neuroscience and human-computer interaction. The integration of multidisciplinary perspectives on what is technically feasible and how an understanding of human brain function informs what we can and should do is central to his work. The main themes of his current position at the University of Gothenburg are interaction design and visualization, with a focus on how the possibilities provided by emerging Virtual Reality technology can be maximized while simultaneously addressing its limitations.


    Moderator at: Virtual Reality/Argumented Reality and Gaming track

  • Gorki Glaser-Müller

    Movie Director but also Project leader Narrative VR Lab, at Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park AB


    Moderator @ the Virtual Reality/Augmented reality and Gaming track

  • Karin Denti

    Department Manager SW & test at Veoneer


    Karin Denti has 25+ years from embedded SW in the automotive industry, both from the OEM and supplier side. She has an MSc in EE from LTH. She started at Volvo Cars with engine management systems, and then moved on to Mecel (subsidiary of Delphi) where she held several positions; Project manager, Engineering managements and SW quality management.  She then started working at Volvo GTT with telematics, before joining Veoneer to explore the Active Safety domain. She has a long experience from multi-site, multi-culture and complex projects, and is quite fond of creating structures in chaotic surroundings. Her motto is: “Humor and common sense are the same things, traveling at different speeds. Humor is just common sense, dancing”


    Moderator @ the Main track, Customer experience track and Technical track

  • Kent Eric Lång

    Vice President, RISE Viktoria and Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena at Lindholmen Science Park


    Kent Eric Lång has been working in industry and international companies in more than 30 years. Deputy MD since 2011 at RISE Viktoria, a part of Research Institutes Sweden RISE. MD for Mecel, a software company in the automotive industry, in more than ten years (2001-2011). He was responsible for an ITS business innovation lab and later a Venture within Ericsson 1996-2000. He has long experience of working in networks of companies and between organisations to develop win-win-solutions for mutual benefit. He was project manager for R&D programs with partly public funding and EU-funded projects in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems 1988-1996. Some of the major programs were Prometheus in Sweden, Swedish RTI Programme and ARENA Test Site West Sweden. Kent Eric was one of the initiators 2001 and member of the Board for Telematics Valley. He was a member and chairman of the Board for RISE Viktoria 2002-2011. Kent Eric Lång was industry PhD student at ASEA (ABB) i Västerås and have PhD degree at Chalmers University of Technology.


    Moderator @ the Main track and Business track

  • Magda Collado

    Researcher, RISE Viktoria


    Magda Collado joined RISE Viktoria in 2013 after graduating from the Erasmus Mundus programme in Industrial Ecology. Magda has a strong interest in sustainable transport and focuses her work in the socio-technical transition of the transport system. As a system’s thinker, Magda is involved in projects that are multi-dimensional and promote mutual learning through stakeholder involvement. Some of her projects include the Vinnova co-funded project DenCity, in which she leads the development of mobility services that can reduce the need for parking, thus enabling sustainable densification. Magda is also the editor in chief of the Drive Sweden newsletter, Smart Mobility, a weekly publication that gathers the latest in mobility services and utilization of connected and autonomous vehicles. In-line with this Magda is also part of the newly started S3 project, where she is helping develop a roadmap for the introduction of autonomous shuttles.


    Moderator at: Main track, Methods & Tools Track & Moderator at the Open Space Panel discussion