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At this page you can find information about the speakers and what they will talk about at the conference, but also what track and during what timeslot they will speak. 

Main track

Time: 08.30 - 10.00
Place: Conference Hall
Moderators: Helena Holmström Olsson & Maria Fuxborg



  • 5G, simplifying technology development by introducing an open ecosystem of connectivity



    Christopher Price​

    Head of Software Technology - Ericsson


    As Head of Ericsson Software Technology, Chris represents Ericsson’s global interests, and engagement, in open source technologies across the Ericsson group.  Based in Kista, Sweden, he oversees open source activity and development across the Ericsson portfolio.

    Having joined Ericsson in 1997, he began his career in service delivery and research and development before moving to leadership.  His global leadership experience from Stockholm to Madrid and Silicon Valley, covers technology areas from optical networking, through IP, to Packet Core and into OSS/BSS.  

    Chris, representing Ericsson on the OpenStack and Linux Foundation board of directors, is a strong believer in open source and collaborative development. Through Ericsson Software Technology, he works toward the integration of open source paradigms across Ericsson.

  • Building a complex system through simple components

    Link to presentation


    Niklas Gustavsson

    Chief Architect - Spotify


    Niklas (often lovingly referred to as “n-g-n” at Spotify) is Spotify’s Chief Architect. He has been instrumental in scaling Spotify from its early days from a small Swedish-only streaming startup to a global audio network operating in 79 markets. In addition to his interest in large scale architecture, distributed systems, and (of course) music, he’s an avid mountain biker, father of two soon-to-be teenagers, and tweets as @protocol7.​

  • Democratic dialogue in a digital age

    Link to presentation


    Carl Heath

    Vice President Professional Education - Rise


    Carl Heath is Vice President of Education at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden and also currently Special Counsel for the Protection of Democratic Dialogue – charged by the Swedish Government to lead a national mission to strengthen media- and information literacy in Sweden.

Technical track

Time: 10.30 - 12.10
Place: Conference Hall
Moderator: Anita Sant'Anna


  • Deep learning and the possibilities of anonymous facial recognition with GDPR

    Link to presentation


    Leonard Johard

    CTO/cofounder - Indivd



    Leonard Johard is an AI researcher that has been all over the AI field, including design of machine learning algorithms at Innopolis University in Russia, designing BioDynaMo cloud-based brain simulations in CERN openlab in Switzerland and constructed a biologically plausible model of human neurons in Scuola Superiore SantAnna in Italy. His latest project is to combine all the benefits of the (seemingly) most privacy invasive technology with the strictest adherence to privacy required by GDPR.

  • Implementing AI for self-driving cars

    Link to presentation


    Sergio Amaya

    Director of Automotive SW - NVIDIA


    Sergio currently leads NVIDIA’s software development activities for the Swedish automotive industry and is focused on making self-driving cars a reality. He has held various leadership positions in Germany, Japan and the United States, in the areas of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving. In the last 10 years of his career, his work has centered around the topics of engineering and industrialization of vision systems, including the implementation and validation of machine learning and computer vision algorithms. He studied mathematics and automotive engineering in Paris, France.

  • Manage fairness and bias in your AI models

    Link to presentation


    Anna Kazakova Lindegren

    Data Scientist - IBM
    Chairwoman - PyCon Sweden


    Anna is a Data Scientist at IBM in Sweden currently working with IoT and Smart Cities project for Stockholm City. Her career started over 15 years ago in Russia within marketing & sales, went on into finance & entrepreneurship in Sweden and, finally, into IT & data analysis. Her interdisciplinary experience lets her approach data science problems from different angles. She sees beyond mathematical models and code into what the end user actually needs and how it influences other people involved in the data. 

    Anna is active in the local tech community and encourages people of different backgrounds to take the same leap into technology as she once did, making the field more diverse and inclusive.

  • Ultra WideBand in iPhone 11 – The revolutionary new chip that will simplify everything

    Link to presentation


    Johan Sanneblad

    Business Developer - HiQ


    Dr. Johan Sanneblad works with innovation development for clients such as Lego, Yamaha, Hultafors, Husqvarna and Länsförsäkringar. Johan has a Ph.D. in mobile application development and is specializing in creating new types of mobile applications, IoT appliances, AI solutions, AR and VR experiences. 

Business track

Time: 10.30 - 12.10
Place: Pascal
Moderator: Maria Fuxborg


  • Digital service innovation brings exciting new careers!

    Link to presentation


    Sofia Granath
    Director strategy and product management and partnership - WirelessCar


    I have probably the most exciting job in the world and it happens to be in Gothenburg. My previous experiences cover the odd combination of software and data management in various roles in Sales, R&D development and product management within Ericsson, Autoliv, Ascom, Telenor, Industrial IoT Startup Vinnter. Still, I have never before faced the astonishing, thrilling and challenging pace of tech evolution and digital lifestyle disruption as in Automotive industry, or a better name Mobility. My own digital behavior and privacy values are challenged on an everyday basis. Probably adding a huge impact on my work. 

  • Digital transformation of the car platform

    Link to presentation


    Linn Axelstjerna & Martina Landén

    Test & Integration Lead for Core System Platform - Volvo Cars
    Team manager - Volvo Cars


    Linn has a background within mechanical engineering and quality management at Volvo Trucks. Her passion is to see teams learn and adapt to reach around common goals. Her road drastically changed when she took on the role as  Feature Team Leader for the Infotainment platform at Volvo cars. Software became central, long lead times became continuous integration, an inspiring journey. Two years later the opportunity came up to step into the management team of the very central platforms of them all. She jumped on the train and has been a part of building the organization around it for 1,5 years now, with the challenge of going from 3 to 130 employees in one year with a constantly moving scope and target.

    Martina has a history from Ericsson as a change driver and team coach. Her passion is to see the team develop and organisations to align on a common goal. Martina is now manager at Volvo Cars in a newly formed organisation that will create the first computing platform for the next generation of cars. A challenging and exciting mission to get all our experienced software designers to create this big step for Mobility in the future.

  • Disrupt the dinosaurs - How to save or kill a large enterprise - Part II



    Johan Sköld
    Serial Entrepreneur - Head of Growth - Chalmers Ventures AV


    Johan Sköld is a serial entrepreneur, business angel, author and investor. He is a founder/co-founder of no less than 27 companies and one of Sweden's leading experts in marketing and sales of services based businesses. Mainly working as head of growth at Chalmers Ventures, previously in the executive management team of large companies like Teleca-AUSystem, Epsilon and Knowit AB. Johan has more than 20 years of experience in leading positions within leadership, technical development and complex sales. He is also a member of and advisor to numerous company boards and a popular lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology, M-Gruppen and Stockholm School of Economics. He is a part of the team behind the successful BornGlobal/ScaleGlobal initiatives partly run in Silicon Valley. Johan is the author of one of Swedens most popular books on sales in consultancies "Försäljning i konsultföretag"

  • How IoT and data-driven cleaning changes the cleaning industry and enables new ways of working

    Link to presentation


    Pernilla Olsson

    Key Account Manager Tork New Business Concepts - Essity


    Pernilla is working commercially with Tork EasyCube – a facility management system for data-driven cleaning in hygiene industry. Pernilla’s passion is new technology providing possibilities of improving quality, efficiency and staff motivation in the cleaning industry. Over the years she has worked with business development of E-commerce sales in B2B and B2D and prior to this – sales in the paradigm shift- movies and games through streaming and download to own at Paramount Home Entertainment. Pernilla will focus on how IoT and data are redefining the cleaning industry.

Technical track

Time: 13:00 - 14:30
Place: Conference Hall
Moderator: Anita Sant'Anna


  • Are we building a world for men? – Gendered innovations and the problem with default designs

    Link to presentation


    Malin Frithiofsson

    Head of community management  - Chalmers Ventures
    Co-founder - Alterity think tank
    Steering committee member of Women in Tech Gothenburg

    Malin is a social justice disruptor, business developer, columnist and public speaker. In her work at a top world ranked VC and tech incubator, co-founder of the think tank Alterity, as well as in her position as chairperson for Women In Tech Gothenburg, she has dedicated herself to making the entrepreneurial scene more diverse and inclusive.


  • Avoiding the Agile Alignment Trap with DevOps

    Link to presentation


    Mike Long

    CTO - Praqma
    Founder and CEO -  ComplianceDB


    Mike currently spends his time helping companies automate their software value stream, with a focus on regulated industries.
    Before that, Mike worked on real time embedded systems, kernels, device drivers, network stacks and all things low-level.

  • Deliver targeted medical alerts using a highly available microservice cluster

    Link to presentation


    Jan Bentzer 

    Lead Architect, Platform Solutions R&D - Ascom


    Jan Bentzer is leading a group of architects in the Platform Solutions R&D unit at Ascom. The R&D teams are located in Sweden, Russia, Romania, The Netherlands, Italy and USA, all contributing to the development of nurse call, alarm orchestration, mission-critical messaging and patient data management systems.

    Jan has held positions as software developer, architect and R&D manager in companies operating in the automotive, manufacturing, building management and healthcare spaces. He has developed software for a variety of products ranging from embedded real-time IoT devices to clouded web apps.

  • Industrialization of the cloud - a requirement to make Edge Cloud Computing viable, benefit 5G, and put the power of Edge in the hands of developers

    Link to presentation


    Daniel Arthursson

    CEO CloudBackend


    Daniel Arthursson is the founder of CloudBackend, a developer and serial entrepreneur that created and sold iCloud, sold MyCloud, founded CloudMe, CloudTop and XIOS/3. His interest is in building cloud infrastructure, application servers, XML, object repositories, and decentralized computing. Always with a goal to build technology that benefits millions of people.


User experience track

Time: 13.00 - 14.30
Place: Pascal
Moderator: Helena Holmström Olsson


  • CI/CD challenges for AAA games



    Erik Magnusson​

    Product Owner - GhostGames


    Erik Magnusson has been a build engineer at Electronic Arts for over six years now; delivering games from DICE and Ghost like STAR WARS Battlefront, Battlefield, Need for Speed and numerous expansion packs. At the moment Erik is product owner of build automation at Ghost.


  • From guess to success

    Link to presentation


    Johan Wikander & Björn Lindberg

    Data scientist & product designer - Spotify


    Johan is a data scientist at Spotify who have been working on user behaviour modelling, major UX updates and launching Spotify in India.
    Björn is a product designer who has worked on numerous features in areas such as the library, playlists, podcasts and more.

  • Lean UX - Simplify delivery to reach better results

    Link to presentation


    Amanda Åberg & Millie Gutestam

    UX designers - HiQ


    Amanda Åberg has been working with developing IT-solutions for more than 5 years. Starting off as a developer she later found her true passion within the role of UX and Service Design. Now she is interested in how we can optimize our processes and methods within the field in order to deliver faster and with higher quality whilst still having fun as we are getting to know our users even better . 

    Millie Gutestam is working as a UX Designer at HiQ in Gothenburg. She has a bachelor’s in informatics, focusing on digital design and innovation. She has experience of working strategically in both large organizations and startups helping them transition into a user-centered work process. Her focus is on Lean UX, working collaboratively with the team in rapid, iterative cycles, obtaining early user feedback in order to make faster decisions and deliver high quality services to the end users. She provides companies with methods to better get to know their users, thus leading to new business opportunities.

  • The journey from user pain to simplifying operation of complex networks

    Link to presentation


    Håkan Tranberg

    Chief O&M Architect Packet Core - Ericsson


    Håkan Tranberg studied Electric Engineering at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, and graduated in 1998. His first assignment at Ericsson was a master thesis for which he investigated the predecessor of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and compared its capabilities with light HTML implementation when developing applications for hand-held devices.

    Håkan Tranberg has been working for Ericsson since 1998 in various roles developing mobile Internet access over 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. For the last few years, he has been primarily focusing on O&M to simplify and reduce the cost of running complex mobile networks.

Technical track

Time: 14.50 - 16.30
Place: Conference Hall
Moderator: Helena Holmström Olsson


  • Future Truck Software – Simplicity in Focus

    Link to presentation


    Cecilia Ekelin

    Principal Research Engineer - Vovlo Group AB


    Cecilia Ekelin is Principal Research Engineer within Electrical and Software Architecture Advanced Engineering, Volvo Technology. She holds an MSc in Computer Science from Uppsala University and a PhD in Computer Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. After joining Volvo Technology in 2004 she has been involved in numerous research collaboration projects on both European and national level.  Over the years a broad range of research topics have been covered including systems engineering and model-based development, tool interoperability, functional safety and software platforms and middleware. Cecilia has also acted as a technical expert on behalf of the European Commission on several occasions. Currently she is working with advanced engineering activities related to the future EE architecture of Volvo trucks where her focus is particularly on the software architecture.

  • How Simplicity cause Complexity in Security

    Link to presentation


    John Karman

    Business Owner Mobile - Digital Banking  
    Digital Identity and Security - Thales


    John Karman has worked with authentication security for Banks and Financial institutes for the last 8 years.
    He has had a special focus on mobile security but also worked on the holistic security on how security is built from the end to the core. He has been R&D manager for mobile security teams, managing Product Management team Solution Owner for systems fighting card fraud and managed the initiative of Authentication as a Service offer called IdCloud Authentication. Currently, he is the Business Owner for Digital Banking the mobile authentication and application security offers.

  • How to enable innovation for vehicle manufacturers with connected vehicle solutions

    Link to presentation


    Pontus Carlsson

    Technical Product Manager, Connected Vehicle – Ericsson


    Pontus has been working in the connected vehicle domain for the last 8 years. During this years he has been working closely in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers to innovate and develop new services, both on the onboard and offboard units. Pontus current position is as a Technical Product Manager at Connected Vehicle, Ericsson, where he focus on how to enable vehicle manufacturer to develop vehicle services in an agile fashion.

  • Using ecosystem driven testing to speed up firmware development

    Link to presentation


    Baldvin Gislason Bern

    R&D Expert  - Axis Communications


    Baldvin Gislason Bern is a Research and Development Expert at Axis Communications, where he works mainly with testing. Past experiences include leading teams of engineers from Bosch, Panasonic, Siemens and Sony in creating API standards for physical security devices. Baldvin is currently involved in the Software Center research collaboration, where companies cooperate with universities on software engineering research. He is passionate about software ecosystems and the use of ice cream in software development.

Business track

Time: 14.50 - 16.30
Place: Pascal
Moderator: Anita Sant'Anna


  • Information Driven in healthcare – current state and future directions



    Markus Lingman
    Chief Strategy Officer - Halland Sjukhus


    Markus Lingman, MD PhD, is a physician researcher with a clinical background and a decade in healthcare management. He currently holds a position in the Halland Hospital board as chief strategy officer. His current focus on how the healthcare system can develop with the help of applied tools from non medical domains such as computer science in order to become more integrated and deliver safer more personalized care. Markus will focus on challenges and opportunities when merging the science of data with the science of health.

  • Medical apps and the Medical Device Regulation – what is truth, rumour and fiction?

    Link to presentation


    Oliver Trepte
    Co-Founder - Cubist


    Oliver Trepte, Ph.D., with long experience from medical device development. Co-founder of Cubist IT AB, an IT company specialised in data-driven solutions for the health sector. Oliver has worked with management, project management, software development, quality assurance and regulatory affairs in the health sector for the past 30 years, and given numerous talks on development of medical software.

  • Research Project about detection of risky internet behavior in teens (AI)

    Link to presentation


    Nuno Godinho 
    Partner at Dayzero


    With a solid career with more than 11 years in the IT industry, Nuno has gathered the experience to understand and develop complex concepts, bringing innovation to areas that sometimes do not relate directly to digitalization and technology. He believes that challenging ideas, that require synergies between several fields of research, are a path to the evolution of science and technology.

    Mark Dougherty Ph.D. has over 20 years of experience in applied AI.  He has worked in several application domains such as transportation, economic modeling, education and health care. He also has a unique insight into risk management through participating in adventure sports such as cave diving and speed skiing and has taught classes in outdoor pedagogics under the theme "the safe adventure". 

  • Simple technology in complex ecologies: implementing video support in prehospital stroke care

    Link to presentation


    Hanna Maurin Söderholm
    Ph.D. Senior Lecturer - University of Borås


    While Hanna Maurin Söderholm has a background in information science, her work during the last 15 years has focused on IT in mobile healthcare settings. It involves everything from early stage research and development projects to hands-on applications, development of infrastructure such as testbeds, and clinical implementations. She is particularly fond of using and repurposing existing, everyday technology for new contexts and purposes; connecting people, information and practices across organizations and geographical distances. Hanna shares her time between Lindholmen Science Park where she works as assistant program manager of the Prehospital ICT Arena, and directing the Prehospen Centre for Prehospital Research at University of Borås.



  • Helena Holmström Olsson



    Professor in Computer Science at Malmö University

    Senior researcher in Software Center


    Helena Holmström Olsson is a Professor in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Malmö University, Sweden and a senior researcher in Software Center ( She received her Ph.D. from the University of Gothenburg in 2004 and did her Post doc at University of Limerick, Ireland. Her research is conducted in close collaboration with industry and primarily with software-intensive companies in the embedded systems domain. Her research focuses on the digital transformation of industry and the many opportunities and challenges this brings. In particular, her research covers topics such as data-driven development, AI engineering, autonomous systems and software and business ecosystems. Her research has been published in top-level information systems and software engineering journals ( Helena can be contacted at