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Speakers & presentations

Read about the speakers and find link to the presentations that they presented at Software Development Day 2016. 

Main track


Johan Sköld, Chalmers Ventures
Presentation: Disrupt the Dinosaurs – How to save or kill a large enterprise

Johan Sköld is mainly an expert in service innovation, marketing and sales. He’s an serial entrepreneur and angel investor, but mainly working as Head of Growth at the newly established Chalmers Ventures with more than 100 portfolio companies. Prior to this he was the EVP and member of the Executive Management Team of Knowit AB (publ), a combined IT, digital- and management consultancy firm with over 80 subsidiaries and more thjohanskold2_0.jpgan 2 billion in turnover. He has for more than 20 years combined roles in product development and sales management positions, and runs his own investments via two investment companies with more than 30 unlisted holdings. He’s a member of, and advisor to, a number of boards and a popular lecturer at top universities as Chalmers, KTH and Stockholm School of Economics. He’s the author of one of the most popular books in the area of services sales "Försäljning i konsultföretag" (Liber), and has a strong passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Johan is always updated, studied at several top universities himselt e.g. Harvard Business School in Boston. His main focus lies within the area of fact-based business development theory, based on well known paradigms as Lean Startup and Customer Development He has developed his approach to business development in dialogue with prominent scientists and some of the world's most modern investors and companies such as Andreessen Horowitz, True Ventures, 500 startups, Facebook / Instagram, Uber, Airbnb, and Tesla.



Lars Backström, Västtrafik
What role can innovation and digitalization play for an industry in need of disruption?


lars-backstrom-fotograf-johan-palmborg.jpgCurrently CEO of Västtrafik, the public transport authority of West Sweden with an annualturnover of €900 million serving approximately 300 million passengers every year. Past experience includes holding CEO positions in various branches such as advertising, IT, transportation and hotel/restaurant. Customer focus. Passion for leadership. Weak spot for digitalization and social media. Family man, humanist and avid snowboarder.





Sándor Albrecht, Ericsson
Presentation: Ericsson Garage - A platform for innovation


Sandor Albrecht received his M.Sc.E.E. and Ph.D. from Budapest University of Technologyand Economics in 1993 and 2004, respectively. He also received a M.A.Sc. from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1998 and a MBA from Central European University Business School, Budapest, Hungary in 2009. He joined Ericsson in Hungary in 1999, where he worked as a manager leading software development projects and departments. He moved to Stockholm in 2010 and joined the IP and Broadband Design Unit to lead the Ericsson wide technology strategy for IP and packet transport evolution. He moved to Ericsson Research in March 2013 and currently he is the Director of Research Area Networking Technologies. He is the founder and head of Ericsson Garage.



Johnny Berlic, Mindmancer
Presentation: Smart cities run by artificial intelligence


2006 Johnny presented a vision of drones that autonomously patrolled areas to discover intruders and thieves to Chalmers Innovation. Together with Niklas Larson they founded the startup Mindmancer that since has grown from a PowerPoint presentation into a company listed on Nasdaq OMX First North with 30 employees, more than ten patents and patent applications and which delivers intelligent camera surveillance in the Nordic countries with distributors in Africa, Middle east and Australia with the business model Security as a Service. Now Mindmancer is aiming at Smart Cities and a safer future for all. Johnny and Mindmancer has won several awards like Ny teknink and Affärsvärldens prestigious 33-List of the hottest technology companies in Sweden, Business leader of the year 2014 in Gothenburg and currently in the final for the Security Awards price for the Security company of the year in Sweden.



Business track


Richard Bunk, Combitech
Presentation: The difference between Disruptive Innovation and Breakthrough Technology

Richard Bunk, MSc, PhD Physics, works with strategic business development at Combitech rbunk_hires_kopia_0.png— combining decades of experience from business strategy and product innovation in the industries of Defense, Mobile Telecom, IT & Big Data, Nano-bio-tech, eHealth, Pharmaceuticals, and Food Packaging. 20+ years of technology innovation and business development, with positions eg CEO, CTO and Strategy Officer in startups, investment companies and global enterprises. Member for five years of the Innovation & Patent Board at Sony — coordinating dozens of innovation projects, and governing hundreds of patent applications for a portfolio in the billion-dollar class. Founder of Nano Invent — a cross-functional network for innovation and industrial development based on front-line academic researchresults. Organizer and committee member of several international conferences and workshops related to innovation around cutting edge technologies. Developer of several break-through inventions in physics, biochemistry, software, AI, and robotics. Doctoral research at Dpt of Solid State Physics (Lund University, Sweden) focused on interdisciplinary innovation in the fields of nanotechnology fused with biomolecular living structures, eg microchips powered by proteins, and neural sensor implants for thought-controlled robotics. Also, a keen promoter, coach, and lecturer on organizational management related to Agile and Lean methodologies.


Christian Berg, Safer Society
Presentation: Open Source Business Innovation in the software world

Christian Berg founded NetClean Technologies 10 years ago with the purpose to developchristian_berg.jpg technical solutions to stop the spread of child sexual abuse content. He has grown the company to its current global market position, partnering with law enforcement all over the world and IT-companies such as Microsoft and Intel. In 2015 NetClean became Safer Society Group with the subsidiaries NetClean and Griffeye, both global leading companies in their fields. The group continues to focus on growing the companies and is also starting new companies in the group with the mission to create a better society with technology. With a strong technology background in software development, security and cloud services, Christian has an extensive global network of technical experts. He is an experienced speaker and is often invited as an expert to speak about public private partnership with a focus on technical solutions against child abuse content as well as media management solutions at events around the world. Mr. Christian Berg has a Master’s Degree in Automation Engineering from Chalmers University of Technologies and a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. The product and services from NetClean and Griffeye are used all over the world by over 3000 law enforcement agencies, ISPs and Fortune500 companies.


Johan Sanneblad, HiQ
Presentation: From Augmented and Virtual Reality to, well, the Real Reality!


Johan Sanneblad, Ph.D, works as a Business Developer at HiQ Göteborg. Johan has workedwith concept development and product development of digital s

ervices and mobile applications for over 15 years, with recent years focusing more on emerging platforms such as Hololens, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Some of the companies Johan has developed products for include Skype, Lego, Sony, Microsoft, Telia, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Electronic Arts.




Oliver Edsberger, HiQ
Presentation: From Augmented and Virtual Reality to, well, the Real Reality!


Oliver Edsberger, Ph.D., is responsible for HiQs 3D, VR and AR solutions.Oliver workedpreviously at Autodesk where he was responsible for the VRED product line, a high end visualization tool mostly used in the automotive industry. His original background is heavily centered around computer graphics. He studied and researched in Koblenz, Germany and moved to Sweden for work, after his company was acquired by Autodesk in 2011.




Karl-Magnus Möller, Unicornsulting
Presentation: A culture of technology leadership - an enemy of disruptive innovation?

Karl-Magnus ‘Kalle’ Möller, Unicornsulting Innovation AB, has twenty years of development kallemoller_profile_pic.jpgand leadership experience in Software, Hardware and Systems. Sixteen of these years has been at different organisations at Ericsson. During the last five years at Ericsson, Kalle has worked full time with innovation and change leadership and has supported more than fifty people and fifteen organisations in boosting innovation capabilities. This has been done in ways ranging from workshops and presentations to leading Design Thinking innovation projects, coaching individuals and supporting leadership teams with innovation strategy and execution. In 2014, Kalle was appointed innovation leader for Ericsson in Gothenburg. Since August, Kalle is on leave from Ericsson due to starting his own innovation consultancy company called Unicornsulting Innovation AB (@unicornsulting). Unicornsulting helps mid-sized companies becoming even more awesome by helping them strengthening their innovation capabilities.


Methods & Tools Track


Sofia Granath, Ascom
Inspired as well as threatened by consumer trends in mobility, dedicated to save lifes!


sofia-_granath.jpgThe Sweet spot where business, technology and people meet, is the perfect playground for Sofia Granath. She is dedicated to bring out the business creativity in every engineer as well as introducing the endless possibilities (and challenges) in technology to every business manager. Product development and especially embedded systems have been the main field av action and from different angles; sales, leadership, start-up, R&D. Experience as an entrepreneur in IoT has added valuable insights in drivers behind eco-systems, suddenly being everyones nr 1 business goal. How to survive as a market leader when you´re facing new and not yet known competitors and how to keep pace with the rapid technology development driven by the consumer market and still make a business,  are on Sofias agenda as the Director of R&D at Ascom.


Helena Olsson, Malmö Univeristy

Presentation: Business Ecosystems: Competition or Collaboration


Helena Holmström Olsson is an Associate professor at Malmö University in Sweden. Shegot her PhD in 2004 and has since then worked at several Swedish and international universities. Her research focuses on data-driven development, business ecosystems, R&D of autonomous systems and Internet of Things. She is a senior researcher in the ’Software Center’ and in the ’Internet of Things and People’ research center and she is also involved as a senior researcher in WASP (the 'Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program'). Her research is conducted in close collaboration with companies in the embedded systems domain, in the IoT domain and with online companies primarily within the gaming domain.


Jens Nordberg, Pollen
Presentation: Training creativity


Jens Nordberg is a psychologist focusing on creativity. He is the co-founder of the innovationand creativity catalyst Pollen. He has worked with for example VCC, Volvo Trucks and SCA with creative workshops and training creativity. In his previous life, he was a software programmer focusing on agile development.






Ola Berg, Squeed
Presentation: Tear down the wall!


Ola Berg has worked with agile methods in almost a decade now, and has spent the last fiveyears as a full time consultant bringning agility to the whole organization.







Technical Track


Oscar Utbult, Squeed
Presentation: Rapid prototyping: building your own Linux distribution for embedded devices


Oscar is a Java consultant at Squeed. At his current assignment he works as a backenddeveloper and team leader for WirelessCar. Prior to joining Squeed he worked as an embedded developer at Ericsson.







Christian Grante, AB Volvo
Presentation: ​Disruptive Innovations - Automation will Completely Redefine Commercial Transport Solutions


Martin Nilsson, Volvo Cars
Presentation: Made by Göteborg – The software inside a Volvo


Martin Nilsson, Volvo Car Corporation, Technical Leader Model Driven Engineering. Martinhas more than 20 years professional experience from development of embedded software in Automotive, Defense and Telecom industries. The first ten years as consultant covering all aspects of the development cycle but specializing in embedded software architecture and the last 10+ years focusing on model based technologies at Volvo Cars for simulation, integration and testing of automotive systems. He now holds a position as Technical Leader, with a responsibility for processes, methods and tools for development of the hidden inside of tomorrow’s cars.



Frida Hermansson, TUCAP vid Lindholmen Science Park
Presentation: Software applications for analyzing emergency calls


Frida Hermansson has been working as a project manager at Lindholmen Science Parksince early 2015, focusing on software solutions for prehospital care.







Tobias Andersen, Be-Heroes
Presentation: Blockchainification


Founder, CTO and free thinker at MS full stack developer/architect with apassion for the application of new technology in any size, form or shape. Throughout the career he has been involved in a broad range of sectors including healthcare, financial, intelligent homes, internet gaming and financial reporting systems. He recently left a three-year tenure at BrfKredit to focus on blockchain technologies and help usher in the new digital society. 




Olaf Opdencamp, TNO
Presentation: Assessment of ADAS and ADS making use of data collected on public road


Olaf Op den Camp is senior consultant at TNO Integrated Vehicle Safety. He holds twoengineering degrees from the Eindhoven University of Technology, one in Mechanical Engineering and one in Biomedical Engineering. In 1996, he obtained his PhD degree with a study into the identification of material characteristics of biological tissue. In 1995 he joined TNO. Since 2009, he works in the TNO department Integrated Vehicle Safety as senior project manager and from 2012 as senior consultant with a focus on Vulnerable Road Users and on the real-life performance assessment of advanced safety systems and automated driving systems. He initiated the CATS project in 2014 that resulted in a test protocol and a testing system for assessment by Euro NCAP of Cyclist-AEB systems. 



Fredrik Kronlid, Telematics
Presentation: Multi-language dialogue with TDMxfredrik-kronlid.jpg

Fredrik Kronlid received an MA in Computational Linguistics (2001) and a 

PhD in Linguistics (2008) from the University of Gothenburg. He has experience from project management (L&H Mendez Sweden AB) and from industrial software development (Ericsson Mobile Data Design AB and L&H Mendez Sweden AB). Fredrik has been an entrepreneur in the area of dialogue technology since late 2007 and is the Managing Director of Talkamatic, specialists in conversational interfaces, since 2009.






Imed Hammouda, Chalmers / University of Gothenburg
Presentation: Issues in API Design


Imed Hammouda is Associate Professor of software engineering at Chalmers and Universityof Gothenburg, Sweden. Presently he is the programme manager for the Software Engineering and Management bachelor programme. His academic interests include software ecosystems, open source software, software architecture, software development methods and tools, and variability management. He is vice chair of IFIP Working Group 2.13 (Open Source Software). He has been the principal investigator of several research projects on various software engineering topics. He is organizer and committee member of several international conferences and workshops such as OSS, SSE, MindTrek, and E-Learning.


Juho Lindman, Chalmers / University of Gothenburg
Presentation: Issues in API Design


Juho Lindman is an Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Applied IT at Universityof Gothenburg/Chalmers . Before joining University of Gothenburg/Chalmers Lindman was an assistant professor of information systems science at the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. His research focuses on open source software development, open data, open access, and organizational change. Lindman received a PhD from the Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki.




Eric Knauss, Chalmers / University of Gothenburg
Presentation: Issues in API Design


Eric is an Associate Professor (Docent) at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg. His research interests focuses on managing requirements and related knowledge in large-scale and distributed software projects. Research topics include Requirements Engineering, Software Ecosystems, Global and Cross-Organizational Software Development, and Agile Methods.





Gaming & Virtual Reality track


Ola Janson, HiQ
Presentation: Create disruptive behaviour with game systems


Ola Janson works as business developer, game designer and creative director at HiQGothenburg. He has over 20 years’ experience working with digital and analog innovation.







Andreas Krona, Ogon
Presentation title: The history book on the shelf is always repeating itself

Andreas is an entrepreneur, business developer, and creative mind with a full dedication to andreas_krona.jpgevery project he is involved in. Andreas has reached his greatest success so far through his work with the ColorCode 3-D® system that he helped taking from being a one person company in 2006 to one of the most used 3-D technologies in the world. Projects include the Super Bowl half-time commercials at NBC with DreamWorks, PepsiCo and Intel, 3-D specials in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune and Entertainment Weekly and a 3-D Week for Channel 4 in Great Britain leading to a total sales of over 160 million 3-D glasses and associated production services. Andreas is today working with Ogon: a company dedicated to the art, business, and science of VR, AR, and 3-D as well as Talkamatic: leaders in conversational interfaces, and Cognite: the company behind eidisine™ - a brain-boosting active food ingredient.  


Peter Wallberg, Atvis AB
Presentation title: VR for use in urban planning using game development tech


Peter is an engineer from Chalmers School of Technology. Works as an entrepreneur bringing technology to market. 








Sebastial Badylak, Coffee Stain Studios
Presentation title: Everything you need to know about VR. Ever.


Sebastian Badylak has been working in the game industry for 10 years and has had manypositions in the own company Shortfuse Games and the Game incubator in Skövde. This summer he has Joined Coffey Stain Studios as their VR Fanatic. Sebastian has also been working as a Phd student with a focus on Game design for VR. 







Susan Bergman, Combitech


Susan Bergman is acting Chief Security Officer at Combitech; a Nordic consultancy companycombining technology, environment and security. For the last decade, Susan has been working as a management consultant developing public and private organisations’ ability to manage risks and crises. She is an optimistic person who equates challenges with opportunities. By using her acquired knowledge and overall experience, Susan continuously aims to find well-adapted solutions, achieve set goals and exceed expectations for all stakeholders.




Anna Sandberg, Ericsson


Anna Börjesson Sandberg is an Associated Professor connected to the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and working full time at the globally distributed telecom company Ericsson. Her main focus is to continuously stay on top of state-of-the-art ways of working in software/system development and then implement these in practice. Anna is striving to be the reflective practitioner doing action research and case studies to continuously understand and improve her abilities to make changes happen that give substantially benefits for Ericsson. Anna is a member of the Software Center Steering Committee and IEEE.