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Speakers incl. presentations 2018

At this page you can find imformation about the speakers and what they will talk about at the conference, but also what track and during what timeslot they will speak. 

Link to programme

Main track

Time: 08.30 - 10.00
Place: Conference Hall
Moderators: Kent Eric Lång & Karin Denti



  • 2. To do or to partner?

    Link to presentation


    Ödgärd Andersson
    Vice President of Vehicle Software and Electronics at Volvo Cars


    Ödgärd Andersson is Vice President of Vehicle Software and Electronics at Volvo Cars, passionate about making great car software that is a growing part of the content of the modern connected cars in everything from user experience, digital information and entertainment to autonomous, self-driving cars. Prior to the current position at Volvo Cars Ödgärd has a background of 20 years in telecommunications in Ericsson in Sweden and Silicon Valley, in positions ranging from design to leading large scale software development organisations. Ödgärd holds a Master of Science Degree from Chalmers University of Technology and is a member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).


  • 3. Challenges with Continuous Deployment at Facebook, Netflix, Google

    Link to presentation


    Laurie Williams
    Professor North Carolina State University, USA


    Laurie Williams is the Interim Department Head of Computer Science and a Professor in the Computer Science Department of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU). Laurie is a co-director of the NCSU Science of Security Lablet. Laurie's research focuses on software security particularly in relation to healthcare IT; agile software development practices and processes, particularly continuous deployment; and software reliability, software testing and analysis. Laurie has more than 230 refereed publications.


Customer Experience track

Time: 10.30 - 12.00
Place: Pascal
Moderator: Karin Denti


  • 1. Outcome Driven Development

    Link to presentation


    Ingrid Domingues
    Founder of inUse


    Ingrid Domingues - now it is 16 years since she founded inUse together with best colleagues. She defined Impact Management and Impact Mapping (Effektstyrning ® och Effektkarta ® ) as tools to help ensuring that projects delivered desired value. To users and to business. Ingrid love teaching and coaching others.

  • 2. Digital Twins - Opportunities through virtualization of industry


    Ken Olling
    Managing Enterprise Architect - Digital Twin, VR/AR, Capgemini


    Ken is a self-taught designer/entrepreneur with 25+ years experience in branding and technology in many industries from medical to energy. His focus has been on the consumerization of IT, to create tools and products that put technological control in the hands of business people and communicators. Ken has been working and teaching around the world and currently lives in Oslo, Norway.

  • 3. Is building innovative digital solutions in a Big Company setting possible?


    Christian Sejersen
    CTO Leo Innovation Lab


    Christian Mulvad Sejersen joined LEO Innovation Lab in 2016 as the Chief Technology Officer. Since then they have launched more than 20 digital products and killed just about the same amount (some before launch). They still have about 7 live products ranging from global happiness surveys to an IOT device and several new exciting products in the pipeline.

  • 4. Next generation of conversation


    Andreas Krona, Talkamatic AB


    Andreas is an entrepreneur, business developer and creative mind with a full dedication to every project he is involved in. Through his career he has been working with commercializing and communicating advanced research and technology. He has reached his greatest success so far through his work with the ColorCode 3-D® system that he helped taking from being a one person company in 2006 to one of the most used 3-D technologies in the world used in industrial, education, advertising, and entertainment projects including Super Bowl halftime commercials together with Dreamworks, Intel and PepsiCo, as well as use in Time Inc’s biggest magazines (Time Inc, Sports Illustrated etc). Having spent the latest two years working with Talkamatic has given him valuable insights and understanding in the very hot and challenging topic of conversational interfaces.

Business track (before lunch)

Time: 10.30 - 12.00
Place: Conference Hall
Moderator: Kent Eric Lång


  • 1. AI – Hit or Threat


    Magnus Lenngren
    Senior Technical Advisor, Collector Bank


    Magnus Lenngren is Senior Technical Advisor at Collector Bank, where he during the past seven years has played a significant role in the company’s transformation from a credit market company into a publicly quoted technology company with a banking license. Prior to this role, Magnus worked in the IT sector for ten years, primarily in outsourcing.


  • 1. AI – Hit or Threat


    Lena Apler
    Founder and Chairwoman of the Board, Collector Bank


    Lena Apler is the founder, chairwoman and shareholder of Collector and Collector Bank, an innovative digital niche bank in the Nordics. From the foundation of Collector in 1999 until 2014 she was the company’s CEO. Before founding Collector she was the CEO of Securum Finans. Previous leading positions at SEB, DNB and Société Générale are also on Lena’s resume. In both 2015 and 2016 the business magazine Veckans Affärer awarded Lena Apler to Sweden's most powerful female entrepreneur. In 2017, Lena was named Female Founder of the Year by DI Digital and was appointed guest professor at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.


  • 2. The Entrepreneurial Organization Is Dynamic and Ambidextrous - Implications Beyond Silicon Valley

    Link to presentation


    Sverker Alänge
    Associate Professor, Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers University of Technology


    Associate Professor at the department of Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology – division of Science, Technology & Society (STS).

    Sverker’s research is on sustainable innovation and change processes within companies and innovation systems, entrepreneurship and sustainable business development, including governance for innovation.

    Recently he edited and authored/co-authored two books ”Sustainable Company Development, 2nd edition - Frameworks for Idea Evaluation and Cases of Realized Ideas” (Chalmers University Press) and "The Silicon Valley Model - Management for Entrepreneurship" (Springer).



  • 3. The invicible infrastructure - statistics about the importance of software development for Swedish industry


    Martin Andersson
    Professor of Industrial Economics at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and Professor of Innovation Studies at Lund University


    Martin Andersson is Professor of Industrial Economics at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and Professor of Innovation Studies at Lund University. He is also researcher at the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and affiliated to the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) in Stockholm and. Martin’s research focuses broadly on entrepreneurship and economic growth, economics of cities, and the interplay between industrial dynamics and technological change. He has published widely on these issues over the last 10 years. In addition to academic work, he has also written numerous policy reports. In 2017 he was appointed by the Swedish Government as member of the scientific advisory group of the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis. The agency is instructed by the Swedish Government to analyze and evaluate Swedish growth policy. Martin is also chairman of the prize committee of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research.

  • 3. The invicible infrastructure - statistics about the importance of software development for Swedish industry


    Niklas Lindhardt
    Chairman of the board for Swedsoft


    Niklas Lindhardt is the vice chairman of the non-profit software organisation Swedsoft. Niklas also started in 2013 an employee driven, boss-less organisation within SW development. Over the years he has developed his own organisation, and helped other organisations transform. 

  • 4. Center for Future Mobility, Halmstad University


    Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson
    Professor in Computer Science/Machine Learning, Halmstad University


    Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson is founder and manager for the Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR) at Halmstad University. He is also Pro vice chancellor for Halmstad University. After finishing his PhD degree in Theoretical Physics in Lund 1994, with a focus on Machine Learning, he did Machine Learning research at OGI in the US for some years before returning to Sweden. He has worked at Volvo with R&D on maintenance prognostics, and held a professorship in Mechatronics/Machine Learning at Örebro University.

Business track (after lunch)

Time: 13.00 - 14.30
Place: Pascal
Moderator: Kent Eric Lång


  • 1. How to teach programming and other things?


    Dr Felienne Hermans
    Delft University of Technology


    Felienne is assistant professor at Delft University of Technology, where she researches programming for everyone, from spreadsheet users to young kids. Felienne’s biggest passions in life is to share her enthusiasm for programming with others. She teaches programming in a community center in Rotterdam every week, she organizes the Joy of Coding conference, a one day developer conference in Rotterdam celebrating the joy and art of programming, and she is a host at SE radio, one of the most popular software engineering podcasts on the web.

    If she is not coding, blogging or teaching, she is probably dancing Lindy Hop, running or playing a (board)game.

    Felienne blogs at


  • 2. Speed, Data, Ecosystems and Empowerment: Towards a Digital Business Operating System


    Jan Bosch

    Professor in the Software Engineering division at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University


    Executive, professor and consultant with more than 20 years experience in large scale software R&D management and business. Extensive consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies and board member & angel investor in startups. Areas of expertise include digitalization, aligning business and R&D strategy, R&D management, data-driven innovation management and software ecosystems.


  • 3. SW soon the most important asset in the Forklift Truck Business

    Link to presentation


    Orvar Hurtig
    Head of Business Area Automation, Toyota Material Handling Europe


    Currently head of Business Area Automation, Toyota Material Handling Europe, responsible for development and launch of Automation offerings (Logistic Solutions). New technologies, mobility, broadband, cloud, sensors, data analytics and AI generate great opportunities to increase productivity in all industries. Business Area Automations role is to build on these new opportunities and transform a commoditized product offering to a solutions offering. The role includes development of new business models where customers buy productivity and efficiency rather than a product. Previously VP and Global head of Business Line Industry & Society (IoT) within Ericsson Group, responsible for all Ericsson non-telco business, with focus on Utilities, Automotive and Transport sectors as well as leads engagements with Smart Sustainable Cities. (2015 NS 7,5BSEK, 43% growth) The business is built on the fact that the World is becoming fully digital, The Industry & Society business role is to supports it’s Enterprise customer through their digital transformation. Prior to that VP and head of Operations within the Ericsson Group and globally responsible for all major Customer engagements with full accountability for complex multinational telecoms operator deployments and operations. Also responsible for the full transformation of the Groups operations from Local service delivery to Global service delivery. Today 50% of all services are delivered in a standardized way from four global centers.


Technical track

Time: 13.00 - 16.30
Place: Conference Hall
Moderator: Karin Denti


  • 1. Industrial Transformation and New Applications of Distributed Computing

    Link to presentation


    Dr. Azimeh Sefidcon
    Ericsson Research Director Cloud Systems and Platforms


    Azimeh Sefidcon hold a PhD in Electrical and Computer engineering on IP mobility, a Master degree in Intelligent Networks and a Master degree in Computer Hardware engineering. She is currently the research director and head of Cloud Systems and Platforms at Ericsson where she puts her efforts in predicting and building the future technologies. She started her career as a SW developer and still sees herself a developer at heart. She enjoys using technical concepts outside the technical sphere, and is developing her own technology-based leadership in which she examine every days leadership challenges with technical concept for optimized solution.

  • 2. Artificial Intelligence across application domains

    Link to presentation


    Slawomir Nowaczyk
    Associate Professor at CAISR (Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research), Halmstad University


    Slawomir is Associate Professor at CAISR (Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research) at Halmstad University. His research interests are Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with particular focus on knowledge representation. Slawomir has experience with many domains, from vehicles to health technology.

  • 3. Natural language interfaces for your connected car

    Link to presentation


    Tomas Carlfalk
    Chief architect at WirelessCar


    Tomas is Chief Architect at WirelessCar. Finding new innovative ways of delivering connected car services is something he is very passionate about.  He has over 15 years of experience in connected car services and has through the years worked with many major car makers in global programs. Tomas also holds a Master of Science degree in Computing Science from Gothenburg University.

  • 4. Software Concepts for Active Steering in Trucks


    Jan-Inge Svensson
    Technology Specialist Active Steering Controls at Volvo Group Trucks Technology


    Jan-Inge Svensson has more than 20 years of experience in developing brake- and steering systems for Volvo Group Trucks Technology. He is a technology specialist in the area of active steering controls and has played a significant role in the development of Volvo Dynamic Steering, the world leading system for active steering in trucks. He has a MSc degree in Automation and Mechatronics at Chalmers University of Technology.

  • 5. Safety Validation for Self-Driving Vehicles


    Daniel Åsljung
    Industrial PhD Student, Zenuity


    Daniel is an Industrial PhD Student at Zenuity, conducting research on highly automated driving. Before this, he had a similar role at Volvo Cars (2014-2017). He has a Licentiate of Engineering degree in Mechatronics (2017) and an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Business Design (2014), both from Chalmers. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD degree in Mechatronics and his research focuses on developing new safety validation methods that can be used for self-driving vehicles.

  • 6. Automatic Test Amplification


    Prof. Benoit Baudry


    I am a WASP Professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Until August 2017 I was a research scientist at INRIA in Rennes, France, where I led the DiverSE research group (EPI) since 2013. My research focuses on software diversification and testing for performance and moving target defenses. Most of my work is driven by empirical observations about software and how quality can be improved.

  • 7. From light to image by Hasselblad

    Link to presentation


    Mathias Elmeskog
    Image Quality Specialist, Hasselblad


    Mathias Elmeskog is the Image Quality Team Leader and Image Quality Specialist at Hasselblad headquarters in Gothenburg. He has always had a passion for visual art and technology; both of these interests were satisfied during his studies at Chalmers University of Technology where he studied Engineering Physics and did photography work for Chalmers Student Union. In 2013 he graduated with a Masters in Applied Physics and started research at the department of Biological Physics developing advanced microscopy methods for single molecule detection aimed towards early age Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics. Mathias joined the Hasselblad team in early 2016.

  • 7. From light to image by Hasselblad

    Link to presentation


    Åke Wåssén 

    R&D Manager, Hasselblad


    Åke Wåssén started at Hasselblad in the mid-1990s as a firmware engineer. With a growing interest for the different technologies involved in Hasselblad cameras, he became the project leader for most of Hasselblad’s camera projects from the late 90s onward. Last year, Åke was appointed as the R&D Manager at the Gothenburg headquarters with the target to grow the R&D department. Åke has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

  • 8. From products to performance, managing the journey using agile frame works

    Link to presentation


    Caroline Nordin

    Development Manager at Hardware and Software Development, Product Management REP, SKF Sverige AB


    Caroline has a wide experience of working as a project manager, she has both led and participated in several international projects. The projects are in the software development area, using agile methods, mainly for Ericsson GSM development. Caroline has also been working as research engineer, with dynamic calculations, at the division for research and development at Siemens Industrial TurboMachinery AB (ABB STAL at that time). Caroline is certified Project Manager, IPMA level C.

Virtual Reality/Augmented reality and Gaming track

Time: 15.00 - 16.30
Place: Visual Arena
Moderator: Gorki Glaser-Müller


  • 1. Real business cases in AR today

    Link to presentation


    Mikael Spuhl

    CEO at 3D Interactive Sthlm AB


    Mikael is a chemical engineer who made a complete career change when founding 3D Interactive in 2010. With over 150 completed AR-projects over the last 6 years for various industries, he has a core understanding in identifying and deliver real-world business cases for AR.

  • 2. Data oriented design in games

    Link to presentation


    Christian Dahlberg

    Ghost Games EA


    Christian Dahlberg is a software engineer at Ghost Games EA, he in charge of developing their scripting language and to be the technical lead for their scripters. He has worked in the games industry for about 8 years, he was also a games programming teacher for two years at the game assembly in Malmö and worked on games like Far Cry and Need for Speed.

  • 3. Immersive technologies in real world business cases

    Link to presentation


    Viktor Peterson

    CEO CLVR Works & Mission IX


    Viktor Peterson is Co-founder and CEO of Sweden’s first VR Innovation Center Mission IX. Together with organizations like HTC Vive, ESL, Nobel Museum, Lindholmen Science Park and Stena Line, he is developing new ways of applying VR into real world use cases.


  • 4. Commercially viable VR - A case study of the VolkswagenVR application


    Dr Carl-Johan Borg
    IT-Solutions Specialist at Animech


    Coming from an academic background, with a PhD in Earth Science, Calle currently focuses on maintaining, developing and deploying IT-systems internally and externally with a special interest and competence in VR-solutions.



  • Gorki Glaser-Müller

    Movie Director but also Project leader Narrative VR Lab, at Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park AB


    Moderator @ the Virtual Reality/Augmented reality and Gaming track

  • Karin Denti

    Department Manager SW & test at Veoneer


    Karin Denti has 25+ years from embedded SW in the automotive industry, both from the OEM and supplier side. She has an MSc in EE from LTH. She started at Volvo Cars with engine management systems, and then moved on to Mecel (subsidiary of Delphi) where she held several positions; Project manager, Engineering managements and SW quality management.  She then started working at Volvo GTT with telematics, before joining Veoneer to explore the Active Safety domain. She has a long experience from multi-site, multi-culture and complex projects, and is quite fond of creating structures in chaotic surroundings. Her motto is: “Humor and common sense are the same things, traveling at different speeds. Humor is just common sense, dancing”


    Moderator @ the Main track, Customer experience track and Technical track

  • Kent Eric Lång

    Vice President, RISE Viktoria and Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena at Lindholmen Science Park


    Kent Eric Lång has been working in industry and international companies in more than 30 years. Deputy MD since 2011 at RISE Viktoria, a part of Research Institutes Sweden RISE. MD for Mecel, a software company in the automotive industry, in more than ten years (2001-2011). He was responsible for an ITS business innovation lab and later a Venture within Ericsson 1996-2000. He has long experience of working in networks of companies and between organisations to develop win-win-solutions for mutual benefit. He was project manager for R&D programs with partly public funding and EU-funded projects in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems 1988-1996. Some of the major programs were Prometheus in Sweden, Swedish RTI Programme and ARENA Test Site West Sweden. Kent Eric was one of the initiators 2001 and member of the Board for Telematics Valley. He was a member and chairman of the Board for RISE Viktoria 2002-2011. Kent Eric Lång was industry PhD student at ASEA (ABB) i Västerås and have PhD degree at Chalmers University of Technology.


    Moderator @ the Main track and Business track