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Time: 08.30 - 10.00
Place: Main Hall, Lindholmen Conference Centre


  • 08:40 - 09:20 Metaverse for businesses Biographies

    Jonny Youssef​ & Vitalijus Lykovas


    What is metaverse, how It Works and What It Means For different Businesses and industries. Live demo of real Use cases.

  • 09:20 - 09:50 Innovation human can trust. Taking a stand comes with great opportunities. Biography

    Anna Felländer

    Founder at

    Taking a stand comes with great opportunities. We help organizations on the awake-side. Here, we provide a competitive edge through innovation humans can trust based on the following starting point: How can we deploy AI innovation in a way that is true to your organizational values and brand while compliant with existing and upcoming regulations? -Together, we create value that makes a world of difference.


Time: 10:30 - 16:20
Place: Main Hall, Lindholmen Conference Centre


  • 10:40 - 11:00 Yes, there is VR and AR today - but what are the next fundamental changes in xR? Biography

    Michael Björn

    Head of Research xR

    Looking toward the future, what will extend and replace or 2D screen based digital world. We are in for a completely paradigm shift in how we as humans will experience HMI and the F2F meetings.

  • 11:00 - 11:20 XR: creativity-driven technology Biography

    Elena Malakhatka


    The XR market has grown almost 10 times over the past 8 years and this is just the beginning. A huge number of companies are trying to gain a foothold in this new market, but only a few succeed. An overview of successful cases and failure stories will be presented in this talk. Elena actively works with XR tech and is a member of VR/AR EU Coalition and director of biggest in Sweden XR festival dedicated to Science & Art. For last 5 years she collaborated with 50+ industrial companies working with XR tech.

  • 11:20 - 11:40 Snap back to reality, here comes gravity Biography

    Timotei Ghiurau

    Volvo Cars

    Hear from Volvo's Lead Virtual Experiences,Timmy Ghiurau, about how he broke new ground with the multi-awarded Volvo Varjo collaboration by bringing technology forged in gaming into one of the leading brands in the automotive industry. Timmy will introduce their Product Simulator platform from Volvo Cars used for simulations and XR experiences, that will help Volvo Cars to shape the future of mobility, by enabling users to contribute in developing scenarios, and services for the automotive track.

  • 11:40 - 12:00 How AR is changing e-commerce Biography

    Hampus Frodell


    Many has now come to understand that Augmented Reality (AR) can create a significant impact on an e-commerce's success. However, it is clear that the extent to which AR can empower the customer journey still is not fully understood. From one of the most successful AR-cases applied, Hampus will discuss the impact in numbers and change in customer behavior, as well as keys for future development of AR within e-commerce both from a developers and customers' perspective.

  • 13:10 - 13:30 AI Assisted Pair Programming with GitHub Copilot Biography

    Albert Ziegler​


    The exploding demand for software solutions both to conventional challenges and for emerging opportunities like virtual or augmented realities has turned the software creation process into a bottleneck of our society. This makes it essential to allow each developer to achieve maximal impact, and to democratise their collective knowledge for the next generation of software developers. We will describe AI solutions to both these challenges that let developers focus on the large level directional aspects of development, rather than boilerplate and low level details. In particular, we will discuss the pair programmer AI _GitHub Copilot_ and the steps its team took to improve the power of its contributions, especially in the occasionally formulaic and DSL heavy frameworks often used for VR and AR.

  • 13:30 - 13:50 Making Code Review Fit for Purpose Biography

    Emma Söderberg

    Lund University

    Code review is widely accepted as an essential part of professional software development practice and is one of the key collaborative activities that occur within teams of developers. However, despite this key role in software development and organisational practice, it is a relatively under characterised activity, especially with regard to the developer experience and to what extent tools are supporting the code review process. In our past work in this area, we have seen developers implicitly taking on different roles as code reviewers and with that they have different questions and information needs. However, despite varying reviewer needs the code review tooling is the same. Should we leave ‘one size fit all’ tooling behind and build code review tools fit for purpose?, especially in the occasionally formulaic and DSL heavy frameworks often used for VR and AR.

  • 13:50 - 14:10 Creating opportunities with eye-tracking Biography

    Wilma Emanuelsson​

    CEO and founder, iTrack Reading

    Having dyslexia, a specialized reading and writing disability, is a major challenge in today's information age. It is nearly impossible to avoid large masses of written text, especially when the educational system highly depends on writing and reading abilities. Even though technological development has grown rapidly, good digital aids are clearly lacking, and the disorder itself still remains widely misunderstood. To solve this, I came up with a solution where eye-tracking is used to make reading easier. This talk will present that solution and discuss the many possibilities modern technology brings in areas that are often forgotten.

  • 14:10 - 14:30 Demystifying SW Factory Biographies

    Murugaraja Sabanayagam 'Raj', Nexer
    Sai Tejo Manasa, Nexer
    Raphael Puccinelli, VCC

    Software Factory (SwF) as an organisation aims to provide a strong CI engine and a fast feedback mechanism for software delivery for a product. However, SwF has its own challenges and improvement areas to reach a v1.0.0. In this presentation we shall highlight few of the challenges for companies to be a successful software driven company. As changing customer needs comes the need to evolve the hardware and its software and its CI / CD processes. We shall share our success stories on how to make a SwF, better, faster, cleaner, and more efficient, including how to avoid potential pitfalls. We also invite you to join the community to explore on how to close efficiency gaps.

  • 15:10 - 15:20 User-Centred Development for Holographic Communication Biography

    Alvin Jude

    The next paradigm of telecommunication just might be 3D Volumetric or Holographic Communication. This form or technology is enabled by advances in Augmented Reality, 5G networks, and AI among others. But communication is fundamentally human, and this mode of telecommunication should therefore always have human experiences at the centre of its design and implementation. Everyone involved can play a part in ensuring this, from product managers, to user researchers, to interaction designers, and especially software developers. In this talk we present what we have learnt so far about holographic communication, challenges, and opportunities ahead. And how to develop with the user in mind.

  • 15:20 - 15:40 How can the decision of an AI algorithm be explained Biography

    Alexander Faul​

    When testing AI algorithms, for example of self-driving vehicles, it is not only important to show that the algorithm works correctly in the given situations, but it is equally important to find the limits of the algorithm. This is necessary because AI algorithms can change their behavior abruptly at arbitrary situations. In order to find these situations efficiently in the overwhelming number of possible situations, an intelligent search strategy is necessary. In our talk we present such a search strategy based on reinforcement learning and the idea of defining the search as a game. We will give you insides about how we realized the search strategy and about the experiences we gathered.

  • 15:40 - 16:00 Hacking Heavy Vehicles Biography

    Steven van Acker​
    Volvo Group AB

    In this talk we take a look at the internals of a truck, how it differs from your typical computing and networking setup and the special challenges that brings when performing penetration tests on trucks.

  • 16:00 - 16:20 Where did my data go? Cybersecurity in the AR & MR domain Biography

    Pasi Saarinen​
    Director Of Cybersecurity Research @ HiQ Cybersecurity

    The future of AR and MR will rely on data processing locally and externally, but do we want to do everything that is technically possible if it requires us to handle images from customers’ homes? Can we learn something from existing technology in this field?


Time: 10:30 - 16:20
Place: Pascal, Lindholmen Conference Centre


  • 10:40 - 11:00 Connecting realities and business model innovation Biography

    Mats O. Pettersson​

    Principal Researcher, Business Models at Ericsson

    Extended Reality (XR) is an innovation that will amaze us and fundamentally change the way we work, learn and socialize. However, for XR to be a commercial success, it must be combined with business model innovation. In this presentation, Mats O. Pettersson, introduces a commercial development method, the Minimum Viable Business Model (MVBM), which allows experimentation outside of a company's traditional business models - a necessity for innovation. The MVBM also uses a value-based approach that focuses on the unique and quantified value proposition and a corresponding revenue model to capture the value.

  • 11:00 - 11:20 Removing the artificial from AI - Augmenting people and business with design Biographies

    Anna Petersson, HighFive
    Pontus Wärnestål, Halmstad University

    In this session we will talk about the AI.m program. AI.m gives SME:s increased knowledge about the possibilities with Artificial Intelligence and Human-Centered Design and how data driven technologies can be aligned with business targets to create competitive and sustainable advantages. AI.m is a holistic and multidisciplinary program that starts with each company’s existing business and develops AI and Design capabilities through a series of fast paced workshops. The program identifies business needs, customer journeys and customized AI solutions that results in testable and concrete prototypes.

  • 11:20 - 11:40 The future of entertainment is decentralized Biography

    Christo Peev

    Motion Software

    The talk is about how art, media, tech and entertainment merge with the help of blockchain and picture our future through an extended virtual reality. The world of “It Remains” is shaped by the vestiges of a fallen civilization - humanity’s plastic debris junkyard. Set in beyond dystopia, appearance and characters in this universe are inspired by real-life environmental issues such as plastics and industrial pollution. For that reason, through an AR game, we spread awareness and promote community-voted causes, committed to finding plastic alternatives and better waste management solutions.

  • 11:40 - 12:00 Virtual Gothenburg – a digital twin of the city Biography

    Eric Jeansson​

    Geo data strategist, City of Gothenburg

    Just in time for the 400 years anniversary of the city, a digital twin will emerge; Virtual Gothenburg. The virtual environment will be created as a parametric model of the city, linking information about the physical environment, social/environmental data and real-time data from IoT and sensors. The digital twin will be used for maintenance, scenario analyses regarding urban planning, for citizen dialogues about city development and as a test bed for future innovation for the benefit of all actors and stakeholders of the city.

  • 13:00 - 14:30 Fishbowl Biographies


    Anna Felländer, Linda Wakeham, Sofia Granath, Lina Bodestad, Zara Zamani, Jennifer Grönqvist