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Mikael Jagelid


A data driven hospitality industry for the next decade

Göteborg & Co has initiated the development of a destination data platform to allow the hospitality industry to feed in data and get actionable insights in return to create superior experiences for the visitors.

The destination data platform will help the hospitality industry to learn from historical data, interact with visitors using real-time data and not the least look into the future using predictive models. As the platform offers open and shared data, there will be whole new opportunities for the hospitality industry, the academies and the thriving tech community to create, validate and deliver new, superior experiences for visitors.

The hospitality industry in the Gothenburg area is set to double in size from 2017 to 2030. That goal might look even more challenging today given the current circumstances - but there is a large potential in transforming a very traditional, in many respects analogue, industry into a data-driven future with new business models catering for changing visitor behaviours.