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Axel Nordberg & Peter Blomström


IoT in a hygiene and health company​

Essity as a leading hygiene and health company decided a few years back to innovate and develop and commercialize digital solutions in addition to the core assortment. Solutions like Tork Easy Cube and TENA Identifi were put on the market already in 2014. But what does it mean enter the field of IoT in company with 47 000 employees? When is it right to make, buy or partner? How can data be used for value creation without giving consumers a feeling of being observed? The story goes back to consumer and customer needs and how to leverage existing expertise in hygiene and health in a new IoT environment. With the accelerating demographics and gigatrends, there is perhaps less time than what we think to rethink how care is provided. Examples will be presented in how sensor-based technology can improve quality of care and efficiency in hospitals and elderly homes.