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Stoyan Terziev


Empowering New Product Launches with Data Acquisition & Data Science

We are going to look at the conventional BI solution package from a new angle, exploring the possibilities to save substantial resources and give additional purpose beyond the standard BI. We push the limits of the Qlik platform to implement stable Open Data Acquisition solutions and to recreate few of the signature ML algorithms including String Matching, Clustering, Semantic Analysis and Vectorization. Our solution navigates life science companies when entering a new market or launching a new product to understand what the Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) like doctors, physicians and scientists share and think about their products and treatments in their domain. KOL ML-enabled analytics is applied on unstructured Internet data and is further matched and combined with the existing corporate CRM records. This way the sales team is empowered with advanced tools that help them to spot the right people on the market and to prioritize the effort towards targeted market influencers. The KOL information we gather from several trusted sources like: PubMed, Podium presence, ClinicalTrials.Gov, Twitter accounts and others.