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Speakers 2020

At this page you can find information about the speakers and what they will talk about at the conference, but also what track and during what timeslot they will speak. 

Opening Keynotes

Time: 09.00 - 10.00
Place: Online
Moderator: Helena Holmström Olsson


  • Beyond 2033 – How the evolution of cybersecurity will change our lives? Abstract



    Kristina Elestedt-Jansson

    Head of Cyber Security Fusion Center Gothenburg - HCL Technologies


    Kristina Elestedt-Jansson heads HCL’s CyberSecurity Fusion Center in Gothenburg and is responsible for delivering IT security services to global customers with focus on their European operations. Apart from leading the center, she is also involved in new business development. Kristina represents HCL Technologies in different exhibitions and conferences globally. Before joining HCL Technologies in 2016, she worked for Volvo Group IT for 20 years where she held several leading positions in areas such as CSO/CISO and Director for core infrastructure covering Data Centers, Network Security and Storage and Global Functional Manager for Network and Telecom.

    She has over 30 years of experience in the IT domain of which the last 14 years have been dedicated to the security area. She is also a certified Data Protection Officer.

    Outside of work, Kristina enjoys travelling, playing golf and spending time with her family.

Technical track

Time: 10.30 - 12.10
Place: Online
Moderator: Helena Holmström Olsson

Track description: This year’s technical track influenced and transformed by the role of tech in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Technology in itself does not reside in a vacuum; it is linked to the world we live in and it only exists through the people using the technology. The focus in this track is a mix of AI, methodology, change trough technology and the application of technology.​


  • Excellence in Exploratory Testing Abstract



    Torvald Mårtensson
    Test Manager Gripen E/F and Technical Fellow - Saab AB


    Torvald Mårtensson is Test Manager for the Gripen E/F systems development project, and Technical Fellow at Saab AB. He has a background of fifteen years in the aeronautics industry and another eight years in the telecom industry. His work has primarily revolved around systems integration and system testing of large-scale software systems, and he has published several research papers on the subject at conferences and in journals. He received an MSc degree from Linköping University (Sweden) and a PhD degree from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

  • Object Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks​ Abstract


    Nikolay Kolev

    Solution Architect - InterConsult Bulgaria


    Nikolay Kolev is an experienced Solution Architect with a history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is interested in the latest technologies and trends in IT, cybersecurity, IoT and Machine Learning.

  • Open Software in Life Science - lessons from the COVID-19 response



    Niklas Blomberg

    Director - Elixir


    Experienced manager of research and technology development teams in drug discovery industry with a scientific background in computational chemistry, structural bioinformatics and bimolecular NMR.
    Leads a computational chemistry and computational biology team to support Respiratory&Inflammation research projects with molecular modelling, bioinformatics and network biology. I currently also co-chair a major IMI project to develop open knowledge management resources for drug discovery. Past experience, include leading a global unit with teams providing expert cheminformatics and chemical biology services and tools for AstraZeneca's discovery teams.

  • Virtualization and Automation - the Power of Digitalization in times of change Abstract



    Heidi Norman & Ivan Cronie

    Global Technology Managers - Build, Measure & Learn Technology (BMLT) - Volvo Technologies


    Managers and leaders in the digital transformation of Volvo GTT with focus on the product data development flow. Heidi & Ivan have been working at Volvo for the last ten years. The BMLT team provides the technical infrastructure and the digital backbone for continuous integration and continuous delivery with related testing, development and with a strong focus on integration using automation and cloud services. Ivan has been awarded the Group Trucks Technology Award 2019 for Inspirational Leader.


Business track

Time: 10.30 - 12.10
Place: Online
Moderator: Anna Honnér

Track description: It boggles the mind, but we're now as far from the year 2007 (Iphone) as we are from the year 2033. This is the theme for the 2020’s Software Development conference. However, a factor that came into account after the theme was presented at the beginning of 2020 is the global pandemic we are experiencing. So, the question is now, what is ”The new normal” when it comes to doing business with each other. The new normal requires completely new collaboration methods, new types of organizations and continuously innovate around new business models. Looking ahead in the future, 13 years from now, how will these new business models look like? Will we still have IRL meetings or will all meetings be virtual? Which are the possibilities and which are the threats?


  • A data driven hospitality industry for the next decade Abstract



    Mikael Jagelid
    Business Innovation - HiQ​


    Mikael Jagelid is a senior consultant at HiQ, with more than 20 years of experience from innovation and business development driven by new technologies and sustainability, communication and venture capital. Working as an entrepreneur as well as adviser and investor, Mikael has built a broad experience ranging from fuel cells and IoT to car sharing and electric boats. Always on the look for disruptive business models, the next big thing or just that great idea waiting to come true. 

  • IoT in a hygiene and health company Abstract


    Axel Nordberg & Peter Blomström
    Global Brand Director iQ Solutions at Essity, PhD - Essity
    Global Brand Director Service Professional Hygiene at Essity, Msc - Essity 


    Axel Nordberg is an engineer with a PhD in medical materials from KTH in Stockholm. After the dissertation, Axel started a company to develop and commercialize a new type of implants for bone fracture fixations. Axel was thereafter working in management consultancy focusing on health care and in an orthopedic company before finding Essity and the current position as global brand director. Axel lives in Stockholm with his wife and three kids. 

    Peter Blomström is an engineer from Chalmers University. From various positions around material and product development to product management his curiosity led him 2014 to Essity, the leading IoT development for Professional Hygiene. The launch of Tork EasyCube 2014, an IoT based Professional cleaning software and the ongoing change management both internally and with customers is a great reason to go to work each day, although the walking distance these days is much shorter. 

  • Logistics 2033 Abstract



    Tomas Ohlson
    Founding Engineer - Einride


    Tomas leads the autonomous software development at Einride. Before joining Einride, Tomas has founded several technology startups in both software and hardware. He’s been ranked  top 10 developers in Sweden and has a Bsc & Msc in Computer Science & Engineering.

  • Part of the panel discussion



    Christine Bjärkby


    Christine has a broad experience from business development worldwide from large public global companies, as Electrolux, Saab to small start-up companies and representative for local government and foreign affairs.

    Christine is today board member and chairman of several startups, scaleups, contributing by building governance and finding strategies for growth and capital. Christine is, since 2017  back a board member of EBAN, The association of European business angels network, representing Sweden. Christine has previously worked with investments as a representative of Invest Sweden, Entrepreneurship Network (Enterprise Network for Startup ICT), in the board of Automotive Sweden and Connect Sverige. Christine have continuously cooperation with innovations-system as academia, science parks and Local Authorities, all working for the same goal, growth. 

Startups track

Time: 13:00 - 14:10
Place: Online
Moderator: Christine Bjärkby

Track description: In times of change, the needs of society and business is the essence. Time to market is crucial and also to scale. In spite of the rapid development connectivity and data are the fundaments. With an ageing population, the challenges from the silver economy are even more important and new diseases are something to be prepared for.



  • A digitisation success story Abstract



    Gehan Dias​
    General Manager - Calcey Technologies


    Gehan Dias is the General Manager at Calcey Technologies. He was previously the General Manager of LSEG Technology, a Sri Lankan subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group that builds trading technology for stock exchanges across the globe. Gehan has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford. He resides in Sri Lanka.

  • Being there for our elders Abstract



    Orvar Hurtig
    Co-Founder - Moxiam


    Mr Hurtig is Co-founder of Moxiam and has previously been VP Operations and VP Internet of Things at Ericsson; Head of Automation at Toyota Material Handling Europe.


  • Data-driven Business Models Abstract



    Alexander Fred-Ojala
    CEO and Founder - Predli


    Alexander is a global AI, Data Science, and Blockchain expert. He is the Founder & CEO of Predli an emerging technology advisory firm. He has been the Research Director, Chief Data Scientist, and an AI Instructor at UC Berkeley, the #1 public university in the world. Alexander was awarded the Amazon Alexa Innovation Fellowship 2018-2019.

MedTech track

Time: 13.00 - 14.10
Place: Online
Moderator: Beatrice Silow

Track description: We see a continuously ageing population, a growing demand for health care, and a generally increasing cost for staying healthy throughout our lives. The demand and supply are simply not in balance anymore, and what’s worse — the gap is rapidly widening. We therefore put our hopes in technology and look to digital tools and -services in particular. Digital Health is consequently a field within R&D that is receiving more and more attention. We foresee this area will radically transform all of medical science and health care. Already now, in the wakes of the coronavirus, are we going through rapid transformations in the health care system. The sheer definition of what a “doctor” is has morphed into a concept that gives us medical service and advice, rather than necessarily a physical person in a white coat. Patient data, AI, and new business models are suddenly of crucial importance.


  • Empowering New Product Launches with Data Acquisition & Data Science Abstact



    Stoyan Terziev
    BI Solutions Development Manager - B EYE


    Stoyan Terziev is an experienced Qlik consultant with more than 5 years in designing and developing analytics solutions for the Life Sciences industry. He comes from a mathematical background with a strong incline towards financial sciences. He has majored in Accounting and Business Analysis at the University of National And World Economics. He has previous experience with web programming and database administration. His biggest passion is finding applicability of algorithms in modern business processes.

  • Leap for Life – pioneers in healthcare Abstract



    Magnus Clarin
    Dean of School of Information Technology - Halmstad University 


    Magnus has a Ph.D. in Physics and is the Dean for the School of Information Technology at Halmstad University. He has long experience in setting up and running projects between academia, industry, and the public sector. In 2009 he started the Health Technology Center Halland (HCH) as a collaboration arena for healthcare innovations. His current focus is on supporting the development of the transition towards information-driven healthcare, particularly on AI and Data Factory, as methods for this.

  • The Perfect Storm Abstract



    Magnus Björsne

    CEO - AstraZeneca BioVentureHub


    Magnus Björsne, Ph.D, MBA: Dr Björsne graduated at the University of Lund in 1989 and took his post graduate studies at Stockholm University where he did his PhD on Medicinal Chemistry targeting the HIV protease enzyme. Dr Björsne joined Astra Hassle in 1995 and worked in the preclinical Cardiometabolic unit. From his period in this field Dr. Björsne is the inventor of a series of compounds which have advanced to clinical trials. After holding a series of managerial positions within the Cardiovascular Discovery Research Management, Dr Björsne moved to the Strategic Planning & Business Development organisation in 2006 where he has been leading the Cardiovascular Business Development team involved in the search, evaluation and transaction of M&As and licensing deals. Since 2014 Dr Björsne is leading AZ BioVentureHub – a novel approach to open innovation which allows smaller Biotechs and academic groups to work in close proximity to the skills and capabilities that resides within big pharma. Erik Magnusson has been a build engineer at Electronic Arts for over six years now; delivering games from DICE and Ghost like STAR WARS Battlefront, Battlefield, Need for Speed and numerous expansion packs. At the moment Erik is product owner of build automation at Ghost.

Emerging technologies track

Time: 14.30 - 15.15
Place: Online
Moderator: Mikael Haglund

Track description: This year we will have a brand new track, Emerging Technologies, where we take look at what's around the corner and what's "cooking" in the industry. 
We will have two speeches, one focusing AI supported SW development and how that will change the SW developer's role and one speech looking beyond traditional machine learning and how to develop processors that mimic the human brain.​


  • Intelligent Machines: the 3rd wave of Artificial Intelligence Abstract



    Winfried Wilcke
    Senior Manager - IBM Research 


    Winfried W. Wilcke, PhD is a Distinguished Research Staff Member and Senior Manager for Nanoscale & Cognitive Systems and Devices at IBM Research in San Jose, CA. After earning a PhD in experimental nuclear physics in his native Germany, Winfried joined IBM Research in 1983, and has since lead multiple successful projects, including the research leading to the IBM SP series of very large supercomputers and IBM IceCube. During the Nineties, he served as CTO of HAL Computer, which was instrumental in creating the 64-bit SPARC architecture.

    His recent IBM research is focused on cognitive computing, on advanced energy storage and on MRAM devices. For energy storage, he founded the IBM Battery 500 project which developed a new type of batteries about to enter production. In the cognitive space, he initiated a new IBM project on Machine Intelligence – going beyond traditional machine learning – with the goal of building systems that mimic certain aspects of human intelligence, such as being able to develop common sense. The project created robots capable of learning to walk on their own, the new IBM Neural Computer and the CAL model of the brainAnother (collaborative) AI project focuses on accelerating statistical AI with analog devices.

    Outside of the lab, Winfried enjoys flying his airplanes, sailing and underwater photography. He is the author of the 2008 collection of stories titled Random Walk and of over 120 scientific publications in physics, computer science and energy storage. He has been chair of several conferences in Computer Science, AI and Energy Storage.

Service design track

Time: 14.30 - 15.15
Place: Online
Moderator: Millie Gutestam

Track description: Software drives innovation and change in our products and services. The service design and user experience track gather practitioners and scholars interested in understanding how companies change their business, operations, architecture and organization as part of the software-driven innovation.


  • How UX helps to build strong brands Abstract



    Elena Galitsky
    Founder and CPO - Bachoo Design Studio


    Elena is the founder and the Chief Production Officer with Bachoo Design Studio. Her career path took a sudden turn when in her 3rd year of pursuing a degree in applied math, she discovered a major craving to design things. This led her to get a scholarship and enrol in Istituto Europeo di Design. Ever since she concentrated on digital design, starting as an award-winning freelancer and evolving into a mastermind of a 40 people full-cycle digital agency. She successfully balances her self-made C-level creative position with the role of a mother.

  • Mobility beyond 2030 Abstract



    Tobias Forngren
    CEO - Freelway​

    Tobias works with innovation development of sustainable mobility solutions for goods and transportation of people. Focus is on public transport, taxis and better transport services in the countryside. He has a background as a research scientist in the pharma industry and his latest project involves sustainable home deliveries of groceries, pharmaceuticals and parcels to elderly and people in risk groups.


Closing keynote

Time: 15.30 - 16.00
Place: Online
Moderator: Mikael Haglund


  • Back to the future - software development in 2033 and beyond



    Staffan Truvé
    CTO - Recorded Future


    Staffan Truvé is co-founder and CTO of Recorded Future. Previously he was CEO of the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) and Interactive Institute, and before that CEO and co-founder of Carlstedt Research & Technology (CR&T). Staffan has co-founded more than a dozen high tech start-up. He holds a PhD in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology and an MBA from Göteborg University. He has been a Fulbright Scholar at MIT. His research interests include artificial intelligence and information visualization, threat intelligence and cybersecurity. Staffan is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.



  • Anna Honnér



    Anna Honnér has a strong passion for business, digitalization, leadership and communication which has been the red thread through her career. She has held various titles such as VP Sales & Marketing, VP/ Business Area Manager, Sales Director and CEO and she has worked within businesses areas such as software development for the automotive industry, telecom, energy and fitness.

  • Beatrice Silow



    Head of Communication and culture – Nexer​ 


    Beatrice Silow has a great passion for people and business development with an overall mission of making a difference.  With over 25 years from the IT/Tech industry, she has experience from several different roles such as Business Area Manager, sales and marketing manager and project manager. In the present role as Communications- and Culture manager Beatrice is a part of the management team and operates on a strategic level with the company brand and different marketing activities. She is also responsible for the work with the company culture and values that are combined with a strong corporate social responsibility making a difference in the society and working for a better tomorrow. 
    Beatrice has a Masters degree in Mechanical engineering from Chalmers.

  • Christine Bjärkby



    Board member of EBAN


    Christine has a broad experience from business development worldwide from large public global companies, as Electrolux, Saab to small start-up companies and representative for local government and foreign affairs.

    Today, Christine is a board member and chairman of several startups, scaleups, contributing by building governance and finding strategies for growth and capital. Christine is, since 2017  back a board member of EBAN, The association of European business angels network, representing Sweden. Christine has previously worked with investments as a representative of Invest Sweden, Entrepreneurship Network (Enterprise Network for Startup ICT), in the board of Automotive Sweden and Connect Sverige. Christine has continuous cooperation with innovations-system as academia, science parks and Local Authorities, all working for the same goal, growth. 

  • Clone of Millie Gutestam



    UX Designer & Project Manager – HiQ


    Millie Gutestam is working as a User Experience Designer and Project Manager at HiQ here in Gothenburg. With a bachelor’s degree in informatics, she works within the field of digital design and innovation. She has experience of working strategically in both large organizations and startups helping them transition into a user-centered work process. Her focus is on Lean UX, working collaboratively with teams in rapid, iterative cycles, obtaining early user feedback in order to make faster decisions and deliver high quality services to the end users. She provides companies with methods to better get to know their users, thus leading to new business opportunities. In addition to her daily work as a UX Designer and Project Manager, she often represents HiQ on different public speaking occasions, talking about Lean UX and the benefits of involving the end users in the process of designing digital solutions and products.

  • Helena Holmström Olsson



    Professor in Computer Science at Malmö University

    Senior researcher in Software Center


    Helena Holmström Olsson is a Professor in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Malmö University, Sweden and a senior researcher in Software Center ( She received her Ph.D. from the University of Gothenburg in 2004 and did her Post doc at University of Limerick, Ireland. Her research is conducted in close collaboration with industry and primarily with software-intensive companies in the embedded systems domain. Her research focuses on the digital transformation of industry and the many opportunities and challenges this brings. In particular, her research covers topics such as data-driven development, AI engineering, autonomous systems and software and business ecosystems. Her research has been published in top-level information systems and software engineering journals ( Helena can be contacted at

  • Mikael Haglund



    CTO - IBM Sweden


    Mikael Haglund, CTO, IBM Sweden. He is a technical spokesperson for IBM, and spots and evangelizes about coming trends. As a technical advisor for Swedish enterprises, he drives innovation, digitalization and the adoption of new technologies such as AI, internet of things, blockchain and quantum computing. He has experiences ranging from chasing nanoseconds in system designs to finding suitable business models.