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Automatic programming, will future intelligent systems write their own software

Adaptive and intelligent technologies are more and more regarded as core business over vast business technology areas. Large companies like Google/Alphabet and Amazon are claiming that they are first and foremost “Artificial Intelligence Companies”. In addition, technology areas are increasingly blending, where, for instance,  IT-companies such as Apple and Google are moving into automotive areas etc. Learning technologies are an important part of intelligent technologies since the world is often too complex to do intelligence interaction without adaptivity. In this talk, we will look at state of the art in adaptive intelligent systems, but also, specifically,  look a technology calledGenetic Programming where simulated evolution of computer programs is used to produce learning intelligent systems. Genetic Programming can be seen as one of the few successful approaches to “Automatic Programming” where computers program themselves to solve difficult tasks.

Peter Nordin Semcon/Chalmers Univerity of Technology