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Challenges in Large Scale Continuious Integration


At Ericsson we have a long experiences of large scale software development with hundreds of development teams, +10m lines of code, complex and time consuming testing on custom hardware. So why is continuous integration important in this scenario? The industry is currently in a transition period, where we are increasingly moving away from traditional release based sales, while moving towards subscriptions and continuous feature growth. The demands for being able to push new software out onto customer equipment frequently, quickly and cheaply will only increase, delivering customer value at reasonable cost. So what are the challenges? This presentation will touch both organizational and technical aspects of deploying a large scale software development pipeline.

erik_backlund.jpgConny Wickström & Erik Backlund, Ericsson
Erik Backlund, Continuous Integration Driver with 15 years’ experience of software development in large scale. Both as a technical leader, line manager and software developer.
Conny Wickström, Senior Specialist Continuous Integration with 10 years’ experience in large scale software development and continuous integration at Ericsson. Taking CI from homemade hack to industrialized product.