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Real world game designer


Today games are played over a multiple of platforms. When you release a game you want it to be played at as many of the platforms as possible. One of the platforms that has been used but only to a very small extent is the real world. You can work with the real world in connection to marketing, to the actual game play or to meet up for fans. The possibilities are endless. But to design for the ”the real world” as a medium is slightly different. In this talk there will be some examples of what have been done and what can be done and why it should be done. What are the benefits?

Josefin Westborg, Interaktionskontoret
Josefin Westborg is a game designer and co-owner to Interaktionskontoret working with designing systems to create interaction between people. She has studied project management, game design and pedagogy. She is specialized in designing for beginners, children and mandatory experiences. She regularly lectures at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.