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Connected Crew

Although aviation industry is a fairly conservative one when it comes to the adoption of new technology, pilots and flight attendants have in recent years came to the forefront of mobile revolution and are becoming more and more connected and integrated with each other and with advanced systems that are necessary to run an airline. Already today, crew members can use Jeppesen’s software to express their wishes and preferences, to trade their assignments with each other, or to analyze their own fatigue levels and receive smart personalized advice on how to avoid dangerous fatigue levels. In this talk we will describe how Jeppesen’s mobile solutions help airline crew become more connected. We will also take a peek into the future to see how technologies and solutions that exist already today can take airline crew to a completely different level of connectivity tomorrow.

shahid_jabbar.jpgShahid Jabbar, Jeppesen
Shahid Jabbar is a Manager, Software Engineering at Jeppesen (Boeing) based in Göteborg, where he leads the agile teams delivering the web/mobile products. He started his career at Jeppesen as a Software Engineer in the Optimization core. He takes pride in the fact that his code is being used to optimize the operations for around one-third of entire world's airline crew, and in how his teams are making the crew connected! He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany.