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5G - Not just a faster 4G

Cellular systems are classified in generations, where the latest deployed system, LTE, is the fourth generation (4G). Research and development on 5G has been on-going from some time, in particular in the EU-project METIS. The three main services envisioned for 5G are extreme mobile broadband (xMBB), massive machine-type communication (mMTC), and ultra-reliable machine-type communication (uMTC). In this talk, we will discuss what these services are, the current state of 5G, and what the timeline for deployments is. Some remaining research challenges will be touched upon.

erik_strom_web.jpgErik Ström, Chalmers University of Technology
Professor Erik G. Ström heads the Div. of Communication Systems at Chalmers and leads the competence area Sensors and Communications at the traffic safety center SAFER. He is an expert on signal processing and communication theory, and has lately been involved in 5G research with focus on vehicular communications for traffic safety and efficiency applications. Erik has published 100+ scientific papers. He received the Chalmers Pedagogical Prize in 1998 and the Chalmers Ph.D. Supervisor of the Year award in 2009.