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Would the EDW be drowned in the open-source “data lakes”?

krum_daskalov.jpgEnterprises are under constant pressure to enhance their analytics capabilities towards the end customers and in terms of their operational efficiency. Because of our Society’s constant strive for automation, connectivity and public safety, the data volumes to be handled grow extremely fast as well as the complexity of the analytics that have to be performed on top. Corporations must embrace the open-source engines like Hadoop not only for economic reasons but also to be able to meet the expanding universe of the data produced by our Society.

Krum Daskalov, Scale Focus
Krum Daskalov is ScaleFocus’ Analytics Practice Lead and Director of the Analytics Department. He is responsible for the technical delivery of world-wide data integration projects of highly distributed and heterogeneous systems in Fortune 500 global IT companies, telecoms, insurance companies and banks. Krum provides leadership, guidance and oversight on a wide range of technologies – IBM, Teradata, Microsoft, Oracle, open-source and others.