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Leaving the Factory Paradigm


How to be and attractive employer in the era of Milennials and Complexity by Johan Lange I will cover on what we today know about or brain vs. our methodology - be it Lean, Agile or even XP. Why are some philosophies and methodology meeting our brains so well - and what should we get rid of? Why is the visual part of our leadership so essential for deeper understanding? How come we act so much on old memories and habits when new facts are available?
How do we prepare for the Complexity of Cynefin? What is happing to our brain - is really internet effects having any impact on our brain - and if so: how can we make use of it? These and a few other related issues is covered in my paper. All is based on research and proven technology.

Johan Lange, The LUCK Concept
Johan Lange’s background is in international leadership in emerging technologies. Be it Electrocardiology, mobile telephony or the early days of mobile internet, I was there. I guess I love the power and playfulness of us people in technology shifts. After a career at major techs like Ericsson, and Siemens I joined mobile intenternet pioneer Sendit, later acquired by Microsoft. I released the book ”LUCK - konceptet för hållbart ledarskap” in 2011 to provide a deeper and wider stack for change.