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How to get design thinking into your minimum viable produkt

Efficient product development is all about understanding the end consumers underlying needs and to design a solution that fulfils them in a seamless way. The design itself will unconsciously make end consumers to behave in the desired way, e.g. the seamless parking payment that we have integrated onto our zBee instrument cluster. Another aspect is how you build your team (organization) to work and deliver this kind of rich-user experience solutions. The core seed of a cross-functional team should be powered by a UX and architect pair in order to consider different aspects, e.g. end consumers’ needs and choice of technology for the right context This demands an iterative and incremental approach meaning tight customer collaboration. New ideas and concepts need to be tested and verified continuously on the end consumers and adjusted if needed enabling enhanced-designed MVPs, just-in-time and within reasonable cost out to the market.

Dulce Goncalves & Reza Javaheri, Combitech AB
reza.jpgdulce.jpgDulce and Reza are computer scientists with several years' experience of distributed global agile product development. They attempt to incorporate agile and lean way of working into variety of projects to promote innovation cultures in the teams towards value-driven work and as a result happy customers.