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Cyber security in a connected world

A overview of the current Cyber security landscape, including actors, trends, targets and security measures. 2 A presentation of security aspects of IOT with focus on industrial/automotive development processes. 3 Tips and tricks for mitigating the need for security. 

ulfc_pic_bw.jpgUlf Corneliusson, Combitech 
Ulf Corneliusson is a senior information security consultant and Business Development Manager at Combitech AB. Ulf has previously worked as a Business Unit manager in the information security domain.

Ulf works mainly with large government agencies and industry partners with: Information Assurance, Security reviews, Electronic Warfare systems, Crypto development etc.

Some previous positions include:

  • Staff officer at NATO Supreme Headquarters Europe in the Communications and Cyber Directorate.
  • CIO and CISO for the Swedish-Finnish Armed Forces Task Force in Afghanistan (ISAF)
  • Principal officer international relations at the Swedish NCSA (National Communications Security Authority)