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IoT in Industry – Connecting Critical Infrastructure with Business Processes


Connecting different smart devices and sensors with the network provides today great opportunities to monitor and analyze production data and information that was difficult to access before. The ability to extract data from various sources and to combine and analyze the information reveals a huge potential in improving decision-taking and management processes. Critical processes in production related to machine maintenance, availability, operability and production capacity could be monitored based on real time information coming from the machines and devices. Different triggers and alarm events could be generated in order to prevent manufacturing interruptions and unplanned breakdowns. In addition the connection between the shop floor and the IT infrastructure allows different processes and procedures to be triggered and executed. What are the technologies behind and how this could be achieved is going to be the topic of this presentation. 

Stoyan Boev, ICB-InterConsult Bulgaria

Stoyan Boev is Managing Director of ICB and Member of the Board of DIGITALEUROPE, the organization that represents Europe’s ICT sector. His background includes business process management (BPM) and automation (BPA), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), software project management, and business development.