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We'd like to support you in taking your medicines


Over half of all medicines are not taken correctly. This leads to enormous suffering for the individual, relatives but also leads to increased healthcare costs. Mevia have created a technology that is able to help patients in how to take their medication. Through an intelligent package that utilizes GSM technology to communicate to a cloud based system we can connect with patients in real-time. We are able to measure each individual dose and through our system able to connect to patients via their existing mobile phone, home phone or via email. We would gladly share our story and the challenges we see in making major changes to the healthcare arena. 

Jesper Hassel, Mevia
After having completed the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship Jesper was part of founding Mevia. He has a background as a globe trotter and a passion for endurance sport. He is always keen on taking on new challenges both mentally and physically and is currently the CEO of Mevia.