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Software analytics and exploratory visualization, on building a tool for scraping, visualizing and drawing conclusions out of software data.

Presenting the sw-analytics toolkit. A tool that initially was developed as an internal sw-analytics platform at Ericsson but which recently was opensourced. It is essentially a platform for scraping, measuring, visualizing and drawing data-driven conclusions out of software data. The speaker will demonstrate the toolkit, briefly touch on different software metrics and their pitfalls and continue discussing the underlying goals of the project and future roadmap. Keywords: Analytics, visualization, machine-learning

Jesper Derehag, Ericsson AB
Jesper Derehag is the head maintainer of the sw-analytics toolkit. He has worked as a professional software designer and architect for over 10 years and has spent 7 of those at Ericsson. An avid opensource proponent and active contributor to many OSS projects like the Linux kernel and LTTng.