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Why is X trending? Why the hype?

DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Clean Code and Software Craftsmanship, Docker, Vagrant, Microservices - why are all these topics trending within the agile world, and what's the benefit of all this? Isn't it all just tech nerd "noise"? Fredrik will give an overview and sneak peak into these topics, and share his view on why this is trending and how it benefits software deliveries in general, and not just programmers' tech lust.

fredrik.wendt.ansiktsbild.jpgFredrik Wendt, Growing Agility
Fredrik Wendt is a Professional Scrum Trainer for, who helps organizations grow their agility. He walks the walk by spending half his time coaching, teaching and mentoring, and the other half he takes part in actual development teams doing real development, contributing to software deliveries.