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Remote communication, examination and training in neurological care and rehabilitation

Organization and tools for home or remote ICT-based patient centered care for individuals with neurological disease or brain damage have been developed and tested on patients during the last 15 years by our research group. Neurologic disease and damage cause profound alterations to a person’s life. The conditions are often life long and demand continuous treatment and rehabilitation, as well as support in the activities of daily life. Communication with health care as well as relatives and friends often become cumbersome and travel to and from ‘doctors and rehabilitation’ are tiresome. 
   We have documented experience of developing systems and telemedical tools for rehabilitation of stroke victims; tools including serious games, 3D visualization, motion tracking and haptics. For Parkinson’s disease we now develop tools for remote assessment of motor function together with experts in clinical care and the ICT industry. 

Martin Rydmark, MD, PhD

Professor of Medical Informatics and Computer Assisted Education at the Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, SWEDEN. 

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