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Technical aspects to monetization in the Connected Society

 As users port their wireless usage from fixed to wireless accesses, the numbers and kinds of devices demanding access to the internet are rising exponentially.  To deal with such a connected society, mobile broadband operators are evolving to address different latency and speed needs.   Technology is also evolving towards working with cloud implementations, rather than operator driven applications

Provide global examples and insights on how operators are changing networks to monetize aspects of the Connected Society, and what developers can do to be part of the monetization flow.  Examples of how cloud developers can flex to request adequate performance on networks.

Conclusion: Just like app developers were born from programmers when smartphones were invented, network API developers are needed as devices diversify in a Connected Society.  Understanding the evolution of interfaces in this changing world is critical.


Gautam Talagery

namnlos1.pngGautam Talagery, Engagement Manager, Mobile Broadband, Ericsson AB Gautam Talagery works with Mobile Broadband strategy and insights at Ericsson AB, Sweden. Gautam advises many of Ericsson’s global customers on different wireless technologies. He supports solutions in Ericsson’s markets with insights on the industry, and is actively involved in many global strategic initiatives.

Gautam has been with Ericsson for more than 20 years. His previous positions have been in the areas of design, 3GPP standards, product marketing, business development in both the IMS and Wireless arenas. Gautam was also involved in the initial description of the Java Servlet API for SIP. Gautam has a Masters of Business Administration and MSEE from the University of Texas, USA.