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How Goat Simulator became our most successful game ever

Coffee Stain Studios is a company that loves making games. They are not a regular game developer, and will not follow the regular path of one. Their goal is to have a lot of fun while making great products, so that a lot of positive energy and fun will be reflected in the results. The team consists of a great mix of talented, ambitious, and thinking people, and they're growing slow but steadily. Their most known games are Sanctum, Sanctum 2, and, more recently, Goat Simulator.

Armin Ibrisagic

armin.pngArmin Ibrisagic is a dual class game designer/PR Manager that has worked on titles like Magicka (DLC), Sanctum 2, and most recently, Goat Simulator. Being a game designer/PR hybrid means that he works on the core design of a game at start, and then travels and talks about the game and shares the lessons Coffee Stain Studios has learned with other game developers.