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Pros and cons of remote work as the wave of the future in the connected society

It seems that the paradigm of remote work (the medium of doing the work) has changed over the past few years. A lot of companies are still facing the problem of finding the proper balance between remote and traditional work. There are still not enough companies that can handle this process correctly.

My keynote presentation will focus on the benefits of remote work (including access to the best talent and increased productivity outside the traditional office), as well as pitfalls and constraints that can bring you down. I will tackle all of the excuses floating around, such as the one that innovation only happens face to face or that people cannot be trusted to be productive at remote locations, etc. I will also try to discuss briefly the reason why companies decide to go for virtual working environments (co-working spaces, technology incubators and satellite locations, etc.).

As a person responsible for the global software products delivery process at JCommerce SA, I will try to show the key areas to consider when thinking of setting up remote cooperation, such as:

•        Performance
•        Quality of Relationships
•        Knowledge Transfer
•        Face-to-Face Contact
•        Quality of Communication
•        Structure of Interaction
•        Control and Monitoring
•        Cultural Distance
•        Language

In the course of almost a decade, JCommerce has become a successful software development company which combines the remote working culture with the traditional one. Based on that experience, I will be able to share several interesting aspects of remote work, i.e.: how to minimise the risk when collaborating remotely (the fear of losing control); how to keep the environment secure; how to conduct business across multiple time zones and get the most out of it; and how to increase quality and job satisfaction and how we can benefit from it, leaving behind the dusty old notion of outsourcing and trying to follow the new paradigm: “move work to workers, rather than workers to workspaces.

Paweł Mikler

Paweł Mikler is an IT executive based in Poland and work internationally (primarily in Europe and North America), connecting business needs with IT solutions, with high quality standards and business acumen.

Frequent and invited speaker on the conferences and lectures all over the world i.e. AppsWorld 2012 (London), University of Bamberg (Munich), Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 (Washington, D.C.), Outsource to Europe 2014 (Stockholm).

For the past 4 years responsible for information technology services outsourcing, product development and building international strategic partnerships as well as expanding the reach of portfolio companies for polish software outsourcing company - JCommerce SA.