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Scalable development with supercharged continuous integration

To enable a flexible and scalable development set up with super-quick feedback for developers Ericsson Charging have radically changed the way we look at the importance of test before pushing any code. As we are more than a hundred geographically distributed developers working across 38 GIT repositories, a modern supercharged multi repository continuous integration is used. In our “in container test” strategy we now closely mimic production configurations and get feedback in less than four minutes. The quality-based automated development strategy mandates each developer to do a full functional assurance with the latest build before any change is made. We now have more than 11 non-breaking code submissions each hour to our true OneTrack. The way to build with quality from the start and to do focused early integration tests are setting a new industry standard for scalable large SW product development.

Armin Hodzic

Software Architect at Ericsson BSS with more than a decade of experience within software development. I am currently working with large scale, real time, telecom grade products, and currently the main architectural driver within the Continuous Delivery area for over one hundred software developers.