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Scaling software development - the Scalare approachScaling software organizations to meet new challenges

Scaling software organizations to meet new challengesis difficult. We see an increased need for scaling and change in
the current business environment with e.g. the connected society.
In the Scalare project we have developed and tested
a framework for helping organizations scale. The model is
used to analyse the current and wanted position. Patterns and
case studies are developed to support different scenarios. This
presentation will give an overview of the Scalare framework,
two patterns, OSS and Safety, and a case study. The Scalare project is an Europen ITEA2 project supported by Vinnova.

Even-André Karlsson

Even-André Karlsson has worked with improving software engineering
organizations and software engineering research for 25 years. He has
worked with most aspects of software engineering and with
clients like Ericsson, Sony, ABB, IKEA, Bosch, Lucent etc.