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A service-centered care enabled by e-health

The fast development of information technology is constantly creating new opportunities for the individual to be connected and interact with the environment. Examples of areas where it is successfully applied are the banking sector, logistics & transport industry as well as e-commerce. Similar trends can be seen today also in parts of the public sector. In addition to meeting the individual's, it has also brought opportunities for major rationalization and efficiency gains in the organizations concerned, as well as the emergencies of new players.

In the healthcare sector, this developments and adoption of the new technologies has not gone as fast even though the e-health technologies provides new opportunities to meet the individual patient need to receive a service-oriented health care and thereby new opportunities to take initiatives with respect to the personal health situation.

For the health care sector the demands related to individualisation are demanding but the adoption of e-health solutions will also mean increasing opportunities to create platforms allowing rationalisation and establishment of new more efficient solution as well as new opportunities for clinical research.

The challenges to achieve a service orientation of the health care lies not primarily in the need of new technologies but on how the health care sector is able to apply e-health solutions.

Elof Dimenäs

Elof Dimenäs Adj. Professor Department of Applied IT Gothenburg University & Knowit Gothenburg.