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Security in internet of things

Security in internet-of-things is still an immature and fascinating field for a security researcher. The state of security in this kind of devices is varying between non-existent and reasonably good. Even though these devices most often do not have a user interface and may look harder to crack, the security testing methodology is not very different from testing a web application or computer network. You cannot rely on security by obscurity when building such devices, since there are many curious people out there and information is spreading like wildfire on the Internet and on the Darknet. I will talk about security testing methodology and how it can be applied when testing internet-of-thing devices and give some examples of security research in this area, including hacking cars and home automation systems.

Emilie Lundin Barse

Emilie Barse has worked in the information security field since 1999. She is a consultant at Combitech since 2005, working with different aspects of information security with focus on security testing, code review and log management and analysis. She has a PhD in Computer Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.