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Going beyond smartphones

This talk will walk through the ever accelerating human innovation over the last 8000 years - and from that extrapolate likely scenarios for our near future. Beyond smartphones we find SmartWear and Internet of Things, and an unmatched effort in decentralised creation. How will disruptive technology appearing in the consumer marketplace right now affect existing business and development models?


Troed Sångberg


Troed Sångberg is a developer advocate with Sony Developer Relations. With a core technical background in the home computer scene of the 80s he’s been a professional telecom developer since the late 90s. Most recently he has worked in research, with an interest in the intersection between disruptive technology and the culture of society. Troed considers decentralisation of creation - how anyone anywhere can invent, distribute and disrupt - to be the major game changer of our times. Troed can be followed at Sony Developer World and at @devtroed