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Call for Speakers

Lindholmen Software Development Day 2013

This year’s key topic is “The Connected Society”.  In the connected society, information and communication technologies converge into a universal information infrastructure, where people, devices and processes will connect and exchange information through online networks in new ways we could not imagine today.


From a software development perspective, there are many challenges to tackle. For example building the infrastructure that supports both existing and future mobility trends as well as meeting the new requirements introduced with Internet-of-Things and M2M communication.

For R&D organizations it may also include a transformation from an existing development environment to something new in terms of platform choices, standards, cloud services, programming languages or test environments.

An even larger challenge is to create customer value from the vast amount of data generated within the Connected Society protecting the privacy of users. Generally the way we contribute might also change and put demands for more of open social programming hubs. Scale, simplicity, performance and availability will be in focus.

We would like you to share and discuss your ideas and thoughts regarding these challenges. A proposal can focus on architecture, design, development tools, programming languages and how developers contribute to a Connected Society. Topics can span from pioneering projects and trends to applied techniques and best practices.

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in participating in the 2014 Lindholmen Software Development Day, please click on the link below to complete the speakers’ registration form as soon as possible. All presentations must be given in English. Final deadline for speaker registration will be 25 June 2014. Final full PowerPoint presentations will not be required until 1 October 2014.


Proposal of Presentation

The last day for proposed presentations is 25 June.

Register your proposal here

Selection of Presentation

The Programme Committee consist of software experts from Ericsson, Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Cybercom, Knowit, Ascom, and delegates from Business Region Göteborg and Lindholmen Science Park. The Programme Committee decides to accept or reject proposals of presentations.