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Try out VR and AR @ Software Development Day May 29

In Visual Arena there will be an opportunity to try both Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and much more. The organisations that will share their technology this year are Animech, HiQ, Inceptive labs and 3D Interactive.

Animech will showcase a VR configuration for Volkswagen. The configurator is built in Animech's own configurator platform aniConfigurator with its Unreal Engine visualization module. The VR solution is developed for HTC Vive and in the experience, the user can see the car in a car hall both exterior and interior, change color of the car, change the attire, change the rims and make a variety of other configurations for the car. Interactive modules such as opening the doors, turning the knob, etc. allows the customer to really feel that the car is real. The VR solution also has a link to Volkswagen's sales system, which allows resellers to easily place an order on the pre-configured car directly in VR. Read about the technique in Dagens Industri (Swe only)

HiQ is showing off an augmented reality application that they are developing together with Mercedes Benz Cars in-house agency Antoni. The application, available only in Germany right now, gives you the possibility to explore and play with the new A-Class in a new and engaging way. Drive it around in your home in a toy size, or park it in 1:1 scale in front of your home. Configure colors & rims and explore feature videos of certain interesting parts of the car. Needless to mention that all this is done in super detailed, high quality graphics that is competing with high end racing games of today.

3D Interactive will showcase concrete AR/VR projects that we have completed for various markets and industries with a focus on Marketing, Education and Communication. By visiting us you will get an insight in the possibilities for AR/VR today and also our thoughts about AR/VR in the future. 

Inceptive and Mixtive will showcase AR and VR projects made for different customers. Try the newest generation meeting service, VR Conference (

See each other in VR, talk, work, draw in 3D, share environments with 360 images/video, or load 3D objects like cars and cities. Great for architects, engineering teams, teachers, city planners, surgery planning etc. It is for mobile, Oculus and Vive, and is built together with Telia Company.  We will also showcase AR solutions for various fields, for example autonomous and vehicle testing.