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Technogarden joins Lindholmen Software Development Day program committee

Many of us know Dulce Goncalves as the chairman of the Lindholmen Software Development Day program committee. Still, she represents Technogarden AB, a tech company that has recently become part of our organizing committee. Can you tell us more about Technogarden, Dulce?
-Technogarden is an employee-owned collective that creates conditions for people in IT & TECH to grow continuously, says Dulce. We provide consulting services, e.g., digital innovation as a service, and assist with external recruitment, and we believe in the emergence and run a sustainability fund. A great way to contribute to a better society is through engagement and innovation collaborations, which Lindholmen Software Development Day enables to some extent.

We wish Technogarden very welcome to our program committee together with Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, IBM, Nexer, Combitech, HiQ, Capgemini, Wireless Car, Knowledge Agency, Technogarden, QRTECH, Business Region Göteborg, Region Halland, Swedsoft and Lindholmen Science Park. 

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