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Speaker's interview - Christopher Price, President at Ericsson Software Technology

You can now register as a participant at Software Development Day, October 24 2019. Here you can read about one of the speakers Christopher Price, President at the newly formed unit at Ericsson called Software Technology. Christopher will talk about 5G, with a focus on the relevance of open source in driving the technology development and uptake across industries.

At Software Development Day you are able to chose between a broad selection of talks and tracks. Christopher Price, President at Ericsson Software Technology will talk at the first track, the main track. 

To find out more about Christopher and why he will be a part of Lindholmen Software Development Day we asked him some questions. 

Who are you and where do you work? 

"Ericsson Software Technology is a newly formed unit in Ericsson focused on the development of openchristopher_price3.jpg source software.  EST runs projects focused on the technology development across the open source ecosystem including a number of well know projects such as; Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes & ONAP."

"EST maintains an open source focused R&D facility, managed and operated independently by our staff, using open source technologies and community best practices.  This ensures our engineers are using the tools and technologies they are building to solve problems they face on a daily basis."

"I run EST, working with Ericsson BU’s, Research and Market Units to facilitate the adoption of open source technologies and increase Ericsson’s presence and skillset in open source development.   I’ve been with Ericsson for a long time, working in R&D with a variety of products and in recent years focusing on open source software technology."

What will you talk about at Lindholmen Software Development day?

"I’ll be talking about 5G, with a focus on the relevance of open source in driving the technology development and uptake across industries, as we begin to roll out and adopt 5G."

Why do you think it is important to be a part of an event like Lindholmen Software Development Day?

"As technology continues to develop and shift at an increasing rate events like the Lindholmen Software Development Day become more important as they provide an opportunity to share innovations and experiences across our ecosystem.  Being able to be there in person, meeting local experts and learning from active practitioners about adoption of new methods and technologies provides an invaluable opportunity to everyone involved."

Christopher will be part of the Main track
Time: 08.40
Place: Conference Hall

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