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Speaker's interview – Carl Heath, Vice President of Professional Education, RISE Reasearch Institutes of Sweden

You can now register as a participant at Software Development Day, October 24 2019. Here you can read about one of the speakers, Carl Heath, Vice President of Professional Education at RISE. Carl will talk about the transforming power of digitalization.

At Software Development Day you are able to chose between a broad selection of talks and tracks. Carl Heath, Vice President of Professional Education at RISE will be a part of one of these. 

To find out more about Carl, and why he will be a part of Lindholmen Software Development Day we asked him some questions. 

Who are you? 

"I´m the Vice President of Education at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden. I´m also the Special Counsel for the Protection of Democratic Dialogue – charged by the Swedish Government to lead a national mission to strengthen media- and information literacy in Sweden. At RISE I lead RISE applied research in education, and also lead RISE mission to be a leading actor in professional education. I have an educational background at the University of Gothenburg, where he studied political science, social science, pedagogy and ICT. More about me can be found here"

What will you talk about at Lindholmen Software Development day

"The transforming power of digitalization of society affects the core foundations of how our society, how we work, how we live and how we are active citizens. Just as digitalization of society brings with it great benefits and possibilities, it also brings with it new problems and situations to be identified and related to. Digitalization transforms our democratic dialogue. In order to strengthen an open society and continue to build an open and inclusive democracy, citizens needs media and information literacy, in order to build democratic resilience and mitigate risks of disinformation, propaganda and hate on the internet. In my talk I will explore this field and suggest areas of interest for the industry to further explore, so that we together can build a resilient democracy."

Why do you think it is important to be a part of an event like Lindholmen Software Development Day?
"Places to meet and discuss relevant and inspiring topics and taking part in dialogue around how to create a better future for all are all the more important today."

Carl will be part of the Main track
Time: 09.30
Place: Conference Hall

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