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There will be four workshop possibilities at Lindholmen Software Development Day May 29. Connected bike by Cycle Europe i collaboration with Amazon and Cybercom, Cyber Security by Combitech, AR Kit by HiQ and Virtual Vehicle by Volvo Trucks.

Workshop schedule: 


HiQ - AR Kit

Surely you already have used an AR app before - but have you also already developed one yourself? In this workshop we’ll show you how to use Apples ARKit to create magical experiences or awesome tools.

Great if you bring your own Mac and iPhone/iPad, because then you can jump right in and code along during the session.


Volvo Trucks - How to build your own Virtual Truck – the world of transport solution

Virtual environments allow developers to test their code in a virtual truck and obtain responses similar to a physical truck without having to wait months for integration with hardware.

Modeling the physical world in terms of road and weather conditions as well as the road system itself is crucial for virtualization to provide meaningful results. Modeling is never exact but can be kept within a degree of certainty by calibrating it with results from real world tests with actual trucks. The most complex components to model include breaking, engine management and assisted driving systems.

Test automation relies on the virtualization but also on mocking sensors for testing units in isolation. A virtual truck is in fact a number C++ library’s using real hardware logic represented by hardware definition files.

Please come and have a look at how to do this for real. This workshop is linked to the Virtual Reality Truck that is presented in the predestrian street at Lindholmspiren.


Combitech - Cyber Security

Welcome to the Cyber Security Capture the Flag (CTF) workshop by hosted by Combitech.

This workshop is for security professionals, students or anyone in the cyber security industry who are interested in testing their penetration testing skills.


Cybercom, Cycleurope, Crescent and AWS - Cycle Europe

Electronics are everywhere at today's e-bikes. Digitalization appears in helmets, locks, brakes and lots of different components on bikes; and that's just the tip of the iceberg compared to what’s to come in the few next years.

Visiting the workshop, during Lindholmen Software Developemt Day, to experience first-hand how to hack a e-bike, with strong focus on sustainable transportation, safety, performance, usability, communication and gamification of future bikes.