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Disruptive innovation focus when Scandinavia’s top software developers gathered

What will it take for a company to succeed in a software industry facing major changes? This was the main topic of the 12th Lindholmen Software Development Day

More than 600 visitors found their way to Lindholmen Conference Center on the 28th of October to take part in this year’s main theme, so-called disruptive innovation and what this will require from the industry. 27 speakers from well-established corporate giants as well as fresh start-up companies shared their experiences and innovations in the software field. 

The first speaker of the day was Johan Sköld from Chalmers Ventures. According to him, well-established corporations as well as start-ups have to adapt in order to survive in a globalised world. 

“At Chalmers Ventures we are 100 percent about people, and there are few events in our region that are able to gather as many people as Lindholmen Software Development day. There is an ongoing war för talented people, and it is necessary for us to be here.”

Christian Berg, CEO of  Safer Society Group, spoke about his companys efforts to make society smarter and safer society by for instance creating software for law enforcement agencies.

“The conference is an interesting way to learn from other companies how they are attacking the challenges of new technology, and bringing it to the market. Creating new technology is something we are good at In Gothenburg and Sweden – the big challenge is reaching the audience”, said Christian Berg, CEO of Safer Society Group. 

In addition to its main theme, the programme covered four other areas; technology, methodology and tools, games and virtual reality, and business. This year’s new addition was an open arena – Open Space – offering everybody the opportunity to give a presentation. One of these participants was Sofia Granath of Ascom, who also lectured on her work with smart software solutions for the healthcare industry.

“It was very interesting to have an open discussion at Open Space about challenges common to people working in other fields. To those of us working with healthcare related software, innovation is much more than just a buzzword – it’s about finding solutions that will save lives.” 

Do you want to know more about the new ideas that were presented to the industry by bringing the discussion forward on any of the speakers, please contact Anna Hafström Kováts, Press Officer Lindholmen Science Park.

You can also learn more about the topic and the speakers at

The Lindholmen Software Development Day is an annual meeting place for the software industry organised in joint collaboration between Ericsson, Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Cybercom, Ascom, Combitech, HiQ, Business Region Göteborg and Lindholmen Science Park. The purpose of the conference is to support innovations, new collaborations and companies in the field of software development, and to strengthen the area of ICT in West Sweden. It is a meeting-place for local, national and international visitors and speakers.