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Disruptive Innovation

The organizers of the Lindholmen Software Development Day are looking for speakers for the year's software conference. This year’s key topic is “ Disruptive Innovation". We would like you to share and discuss your ideas and thoughts regarding this theme.

Disruptive Innovation 
- Opportunities and threats in a new business environment

Disruptive innovations and new business models is a fact in the connected software world of today, with Über and Airbnb as well-known examples. Innovations speeds up and new innovations in connectivity, devices, open source and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are continuously changing the landscape. New digital technology and services are core enabler to disrupt a market and transform your business models – how are you as software developer being involved or involving yourself in the process?

Disruptiveness is a natural property of the software and ICT business landscape. Every software company needs to relate to it, develop strategies for it, both regarding the opportunities, as well as the potential threats to the current business model. But more and more companies grow into the software business, not always being aware of the new market landscape.

No matter how large or prosperous your company is right now - make no mistake, it is vulnerable. Or will it have the seed for a new innovative disruption?

And what is the definition of "Disruptive Innovation"? When a new product or service completely breaks the existing market, as a natural consequence of the rapidly developing software and IT industry? Like Apple did in the smartphone business? Or is the definition something else?

Potential questions that can be discussed:

  • What are the key enablers in disruptive innovation?
  • How does disruptive innovations affect the software companies in positive and negative ways?
  • How can software companies embrace and utilize the strength, innovation and creativity required in a disruptive business?
  • How will technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality change the landscape? What other technologies are key enablers in disruptions?
  • How do you use open source in your innovations?
  • How important is it to own the platform?
  • How can the established software business collaborate to increase value?
  • How can traditional companies benefit from new innovative companies?
  • New methods and tools for open innovation?

All this raises questions that we, in the Program Committee, think would be interesting to cover during this year’s Lindholmen Software Development Day.

We look forward to receiving your proposal to the uppcoming Lindholmen Software Development Day. Please, use the speaker proposal form. We need your proposal no later than June 2, 2016 

Speaker Proposal Submission