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Open Space Session

In the spirit of open innovation, new for this year are open space session. A new way to collaborate and share knowledge among peers. 

We know that there is a great urge and lust to debate and discuss among you. You will be able to have a direct dialogue with our keynotes at this forum.  

The subject for some of the sessions will be chosen in advance. We would like to invite you to create a topic and lead a session.

A session is 30 min and will be started by an elevator pitch from the session leader. There will be up to six parallel sessions depending on the interest. The session leader summarizes the takeaways from the session and the information will be shared late on. 

To be able to catch urgent and hot topics during the conference there will be blank session spots reserved that will be opened for anyone to use.

The sessions will take place in the afternoon between 14.30 and 16.00 in Open Space groups in the main hall (Lindholmen hallen).

Please, use the speaker proposal form for your proposal to Open Space Session (tick the box Open Space).

Speaker Proposal Submission